Oh crap, I left the window open again.  

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6/20/2005 9:14 am

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Oh crap, I left the window open again.

I had been dating a woman a few years older than myself. We had a pretty good arrangement - sex. We would hook up 3-4 times a week and fuck like bunnies until we were all worn out. Then she would go her way and I would go mine.

You see, I had other irons in the fire and she had teenage kids at home. It worked out pretty good for both of us. We both got all we needed.

JC, I will call her, was the most incredible moaner I have ever been with. She would go on and on. It's been my experience that most women have a point at which the orgasm gets too intense to handle or begins to be uncomfortable -- Not JC!!! I would go back and forth between intercourse and oral sex just long enough to get another hard-on so I could be inside her again. We went on for hours every time we were together. My roommate would be ashamed to bring a date by the house for all the noise from the shaking bed and moaning JC.

One night in October, which happend to be Halloween, she was over at my house and we were really getting it on. Fortunately, it was much later in the evening and there were no young kids around, but the neighbors were having a bonfire next door. Apparently one of them heard us even over the music and wondering what the noise was all about, turned off the radio and told everyone to be quiet so she could figure out what the sound was and where it was [cumming] from.

Needless to say, when we exited the side door of the house to join the party later we were greeted with a round of applause and number of knowing grins from the men and some of the women. Most of the ladies just gave us a cold stare. I'm sure that wont be the last time I forget to close the window or the last I see a knowing grin from a lady.

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