Hitching a ride  

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3/17/2006 2:06 pm
Hitching a ride

Years ago when I was just a fresh, young, green buck, I was hitchhiking my way out to California for the summer. With little money and everything I owned stuffed into my backpack, I was making my way slowly across the country.

Most days I would walk about as long as I would ride, so I was getting a really good tan. Mornings were chilly still, so I would keep my denim jacket on until it warmed up. By mid-afternoon, I was always covered in sweat unless I picked up a ride. I kept a red bandanna around my neck to keep some of it from running down my back.

After spending some well conserved cash on a cheap hotel room and getting a good shower I rose the next morning to hit the road. Again, the sun came out to do it's worst on me, but just as the sweat began to pour from me, a big Lincoln stopped just a few yards ahead and honked the horn. I ran like crazy to catch up before they changed their mind, figuring it would be some old geezer ready to give me a lecture about getting a job, joining the human race, and all that.

It turned out to be a young and beautiful woman who had actually had enough of being around her old geezer husband and was on her way west to get away from him. I tossed my pack in the back seat and offered my thanks for her help. She said that she had never picked up a hitch hiker before, but needed the company. Then she laughed a little bit and said she didn't think that hitchers were so clean-cut as me.

Turns out we had allot in common. We grew up not more than 20 miles from each other, so we knew many of the same places. I couldn't help but think what a lucky old man her husband must have been, even if she did leave him in the end. Her long, thick hair was the most deep auburn color and shimmered everywhere the sun touched it.

We were so busy talking that neither of us really noticed that it had become evening, but our appetites kicked in, so we decided to stop for a meal. It seemed the right thing to do to gas up her car and shell out for a nice dinner, so we found a nice place not too far from the highway. Inside, all of the seating was in these old style, leather covered booths, the kind that wrap around in a semi-circle, with dividers so each couple had a private meal.

I could say that everything was perfect, except that I remember so little of it. Our attentions were so obviously focused upon each other by now that nothing else could could possibly matter. We had reached that point where you know that you each want to be with the other, that it will happen, and that you can take your time and enjoy each other slowly.

Softly, I felt her hand on my leg. As I turned to her, she kissed me ever so gently. We sat there almost motionless as we looked into each other's eyes and I caressed the side and back of her neck. I broke the silence by suggesting that I pay the bill and we find somewhere to settle in for the night. I managed to talk the owner of the restaurant into letting me buy a bottle of wine and two glasses from him; nice guy. I think she and I were pretty obvious in the way we looked at each other.

As we got to her car she asked if I would drive, so I took off my jacket and got in. Once inside, she almost pounced on me, kissing me deeply while litteraly sucking the breath right out of me. It was the most fantastic kiss I think I have ever had in my life. The addrenaline was coursing through my veins and I could feel the juices starting build within me. As she pulled away, she looked around and could'nt find her purse. All of her money was in the purse so she was getting frantic. I ran back inside to retrieve it, but it wasn't there. I ran back outside just in time to see her car going down the road, back to the highway.

I had been taken for a ride alright. My backpack, everything I owned, and my denim jacket - complete with wallet in the front pocket were gone. I hope I find that woman someday. Not so I can get even, or get my money back. I dream about how wild she made me feel and I want more.

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