Marines down!  

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8/3/2005 2:46 pm

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Marines down!

On May 2, two F-18A fighter jets were lost over Iraq. The following is a stream of consciousness poem on that loss. I was on the aircraft carrier when this occurred.

Lines to Lost Marines
(2 May 05)

Hollow! a vacancy without
Resolution, existence less

Wardroom, eating, grin
Jokes, chatter, fun

Fumbling, an ecstasy of fog
Unseen, limited, eyes

Quieted, calming, fallingly free
Loose, noiseless noise

Screaming, out over blue, wave-
erring unstable rolling

Pressed, full noised lifted
Sudden, acceleration, leaving sounds

Behind, hooked, screaming volumed throttle
Sudden quiet, whispered

Heaven bound, heaven-bounded
Bounding out, reflexed lilted

Contrailed tips, pushing up, out
Vanishing sounds, sight

Unknown, unexpected, unfelt
Bewilderingly lost

Vacant soaring higher
Unto unthought, un-

Wardroom mess, snacked frantic
Smiles, fraternity

Closeness of brothers, sisters,
A family of non-

Family, tears, accepting or
Not willed will -

Eminent Will of brotherhood,
Altogether, of indifferent humanity

Keeps watch, missed sight-watch
Torn, skin-metal life

Rushing, tearing, downing
End of sounds as

Quickly as started, ended
Unplanned, unprepared

Last breakfasted, war-
Droom, doom -

Held hope, hopes, hopeless, hoping
Recovery nor rescue

Loss, images disappear, gone
Flightless bird, featherless

Grasping never caught wires
Screeching, tired breathing thoughts

Thundering full into earth
Screaming full into Heaven

Seeking Heavenly solace
Rewards, consolation, calm

Will, recovering all, Spirit and
Life's remains, flittingly

Out into azure blue without controlled
Tips, nor roaring winged hornet

Far away watching, watch
Horizon unchanged, steady

Ended - Recovery - Named -
Friend - son - Daddy

Off into eternity, without
Succor, release, meaningless

Pasts remain, presence felt, Presents
Fellow squads, smaller now

Future of eternity, unbelieved
Unsought - unwished

Unwillingly gone, where, to-
Ward the sun

Bright, attracting source
Dimmed to ebon dark

No Hook in! No Full
Roar! No Return!

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