Going west!  

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12/2/2005 6:41 am

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Going west!

I'm headin west--to Fort Collins, Colorado, to be exact. Jobs are a funny things giving neded income but uprooting comfort and easy life styles. Oh well, no one forced me to take the job.
I think my latest sweetie has given up on me. Alas! We met on another site and that one does not have all the slots, bells and whistles on it to tell enough about yourself to avoid complications later. The crux was my admission that I am an athiest. Not a raver, like some folks out there, just quietly going about my life without regard to any mythical being to whom I must pay homage. If I do something--I did it and I get the credit. Same goes if I screw up. I take the credit and don't blame anyone or anything for it. And I don't have that compulsion to beg forgiveness from something that doesn't exist. And that was what got me in trouble with her. Dang! She is a looker and could have been really good in the sack--but that'll not happen. Too bad. I guess I shouod have given a different answer.
But now I am moving west anyway and she will be staying here. I look forward to meeting some new folks in the Rockies. New territory for me, at least.
I will go off th AdultFriendFinder for about a month until I get myself set up.
Later, Don

Davros11 60M

4/7/2008 11:47 am

My theory is that God forgot about us in the laboratory. He/she/ went to a meeting after lunch and forgot about us. lol

god take long lunches.

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