Wondering in SC  

ProwsHomeyTarsi 42
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9/14/2005 1:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wondering in SC

I have been off and on this site for awhile. I have seen so many fun people and great profiles. I am always left wondering what everybody is looking for. Don't seem to get many responses and when I do they talk for a bit and take off. I am easy going, lvoe to have fun, and know I can please a woman. I know I am attractive and think that I could be perfect for alot of people on here. Any other people having the same problems? Tell me what I can do better or am doing wrong. I have a ton of sexual energy and can go all night long. Anybody out their ready to be pleased?

rm_69in29681 59M
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11/13/2006 10:26 am

Most every one on this site is a just playing web email and shit. Most are just looking for free pics. I have had many emails wanting to get together. When you email them that you are interested, sometimes you might hear back and most of the times you don't. I have had a number of people that say that they are on thier way. But never show up. I see them online later and never hear from them. I will give anyone the benefit of a doubt and have had a few to do it more than once. Those are the ones that I ban from emailing or winking at me anymore. Why lie, if you don't have any intentions of meeting someone, why hang them out. A couple of times I have turned someone down because I had already made plans for someone else that in the end never showed up. But hey the ones I turned down would probably done the same thing. I think they just get thier rocks of knowing that someone else might just be interested. Or that someone will see that they have lied on thier profile and that thier picks they have posted isn't really them. It amazes me that someone 30 - 50 lbs over weight considers themselve average. I have mine as ample. I am 6'2 240 lbs. I do have some beer belly. But I am not average. Think about people just tell the truth. There is someone that likes all types. Tall, short, Thin, average, or fat. Thats what makes the world go around. And hope for us that are not perfect.

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