What's up with?  

rm_HotSpice46 59F
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7/19/2005 8:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's up with?

...bragging...man seems to me that if you have to say how good you are...you are trying to convince someone...sheesh...and why you got to tell cock size anyway...there are pictures and the profile gives an idea...that is a real turn off

and i don't mean statements like "you won't be disappointed"

LChorndog 66M

7/19/2005 9:37 pm

beats me...I kid around and flirt a bit.....but can never promise anything for sure...it's all a matter of the moment with me.
I guess it's a part of someone's personality???

rm_HotSpice46 59F
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7/21/2005 8:48 am

no LChorn you haven't bragged...there is a difference between bragging and flirting

rm_sgtrock60 56M
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7/21/2005 3:00 pm

well you shoot straight from the hip...I love your attitude and spirit someone is incredible lucky to be sharing time with you

rm_HotSpice46 59F
358 posts
7/21/2005 5:56 pm

i just get really annoyed sometimes sgtrock

randyinfm 60M

7/21/2005 6:45 pm

You seem like a cool lady. Why the before schoo starts comment? Are you going to college?

rm_HotSpice46 59F
358 posts
7/22/2005 7:49 pm

no randy i am a teacher

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7/23/2005 11:20 am

hmmm....if you hav to brag, possibly it is to make up for something else. Usually these guys are really just trying to talk themselves into something. After all, if you don't believe it, why would anyone else??

rm_HotSpice46 59F
358 posts
7/23/2005 12:32 pm

that's what i am talking about DKVA

LChorndog 66M

7/24/2005 8:00 am

ty HotSpice......I hate to have folks feel i am leading them on in any way....and my experience with braggards(sp?) is that the show of words makes them feel important and those that are more reserved are so because they have nothing to prove or hide......and comfortable with themselves and their performance...whether sexual or not..........
Like visiting someone for the first time and all they do is show you things they have made or done around the house.
Lets face it...we all have had varied degrees of success in and out of the sack...and one never knows how things will end up at the start of any endeavor

rm_HotSpice46 59F
358 posts
7/24/2005 1:04 pm

that is a mature outlook LChorn oh and welcome back hun

LChorndog 66M

7/24/2005 4:41 pm

ty HotSpice.....it's good to be back.....and looking forward to meeting you before school starts if at all possible *s*....I'd love to spend some time getting to know you

GypsyPaul 63M

7/28/2005 8:29 am

There is a fine line y'know? I mean on the one hand you want to entice and interest the other party, on the other hand "Baby, I do it all! You'll be so hot your pussy will be singing Christmas Carols" is overkill-and a lot of people are out of their element when it comes to describing themselves.

Then too, there are so many screwed up relationships that a lot of time all the other person has to go by is a series of miscommunications or misread signals. "It was so hot she began to shake and then just collapsed." Okay, extreme orgasm or a siezure followed by a massive heart attack? There are no simple answers.

rm_HotSpice46 59F
358 posts
7/29/2005 11:26 pm

lol...GypsyPaul thank you for your insight, you are right you know

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