MFM Fun at DSSC!  

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12/30/2005 3:39 pm

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MFM Fun at DSSC!

I promised a write-up of my recent experience in MFM threesomes...

I had come across a reference to a swing club in Dayton by the name of the Dayton Swim and Social Club (DSSC) which allowed single males to attend. Their policies allow non-members to attend Monday to Friday, with Saturday being reserved for members. So, I decided to give it a try on a Friday evening a few weeks ago.

The club itself is nice enough; certainly not fancy, but well enough maintained and appearing to be clean. It is fairly large, with multiple large gathering rooms, and a half dozen "private" rooms in the back. The crowd in attendance was polite and reservedly friendly (I did not expect instant acceptance, being as it was my first time), a bit older than me on average, but spanning the ages of early twenties to late fifties. The feel was relaxed, with many seemingly content to "hang out" and chat. I was made to understand that it was a relatively slow night (perhaps 50 or so in attendance), owing to the approaching holiday.

I intended to take things easy, not putting any pressure on myself or others, though of course I was still hopeful. After a couple of hours, I had pretty much made my rounds, and not found anyone promising (i.e. both parties interested). I did however, notice one couple come in relatively late; they caught my eye as the gentleman was shaven headed also, and the lady was short, and cute, with a couple of small visible tattoos.

It is actually funny how things worked out. I caught sight of them while I was sitting on a couch in the main video room, which happens to be adjacent to the "private" rooms. I thought I saw them head into the private room area, and so I thought to follow them a few minutes later. I lost track of them, though, and assumed they had gone into one of the rooms (the doors of most being closed). Oh, well. I returned to the main hall and chatted non-committaly with a few ladies and had a cigarette.

Within a half hour, "my" couple showed up in the main room. As I had determined to be social, whether I wanted to or not, I approached them and started up a conversation (something along the lines of them appearing to also be there "alone"). After a few minutes conversation, it came out that _she_ had been looking for me. They had missed me in the private room / video room area, and had been disappointed about this. It also came out that they were very specifically looking for "action" for the evening. At this point I asked them who and what they were looking for. I was very pleased to hear that they were looking for men as He enjoyed watching Her have sex with others (and of course, she very much enjoyed having the sex). A few more minutes of flirting/conversation, and we had established that, yes, they were looking for men to have sex with her, and yes, I would do quite nicely.

I could honestly not believe my luck. She was very pretty, and knew exactly what she wanted, with a touching bit of shyness when presented with actually attaining it.

I asked if they would like to adjourn to the back rooms and continue things there and they readily agreed.

Once in our room, there was a few more minutes of discussion. Discussions of safe sex, I let them know that I felt I was there as a guest, that my main goal was to give both of them what they wanted (her, lots of good sex, him a good show), that at any time they could let me know what they wanted or did not want, etc.

Then, my clothes came off, and she and I laid down upon the bed. She instructed me to lie back, and she proceeded to give me a very good 10 to 15 minutes of head. She obviously enjoyed doing this, occasionally working me all the way into the back of her throat (which I love) while I played with her lovely, wet pussy. I asked if she liked having her pussy licked while giving head and she said, no, that she just wanted me to relax and enjoy. I was eager to taste her pussy, but I did not overly mind being tended to so well... It has been far to long since I have been so lovingly and skillfully pleasured... Mmmm, hmmm...

After some time, she laid on her back and I thanked her and asked if I could return the favor. She nodded her head and said, "Uh huh." I asked if there was anything in particular she liked and she said, "No." I asked if she was able to cum from oral and she said, "Maybe, we will just have to see..."

This was fair enough and so I set about exploring her pussy. It was shaved, and tasted wonderful (hair or no hair, I can go either way, each has it's own appeal). Despite her non-committal reply, she started to respond almost immediately. I started slowly, with long, slow licks and probes of my tongue; each lick producing soft little gasps from her. Using her reactions as my guide, I moved closer, wrapping my arms around her legs, sucking her labia and clitoris into my mouth, pumping them back and forth between my lips...

Note: I have a particular style of oral sex, developed as a result of a slight "anatomical irregularity" (not a defect, just a little quirk), that has always proved _very_ popular with my partners. I never claim to be "the best" at anything, but I feel I have evidence enough to warrant my belief that I am pretty far out on the bell curve, skill wise...

Within a few minutes, she was tensing her legs and shaking in such a way that I knew orgasm was on it's way. I was not disappointed. She came so nicely for me, and I stayed with her as she came down, softly licking and kissing the now overly-sensitive areas. I asked if she could cum more than once, and yet again I was given a skeptical sounding, "Maybe." Well, I was able to coax four or five from her with my mouth (hard to tell if the last two were separate, closely spaced orgasms or a single very long one) before I just had to feel my cock inside of her.

I checked in with her husband, and he said he was doing well and content to watch for the moment.

She wanted to be on her back, and asked me to be extra careful so as not to hurt her. I regretted that I had not brought any lube, but her natural juices, combined with a slow insertion, was sufficient. It was actually a little difficult to get inside of her, concerned as I was about not hurting her. She was rather tight, and the right angle was elusive (a very squishy mattress being much to blame). We did match up eventually, and it felt so good when my cock slid all the way inside of her... I love that feeling when our pubic mons meet, the head of my cock brushing up against her cervix.

She was wonderfully responsive. It seemed that she started cumming within a few minutes of my entering her (I just love highly responsive, multi-orgasmic women... they are good for my ego)...

I like to vary my positions and rhythms, alternating hard and fast fucking to orgasm, with a recovery of slow and gentle thrusting, or even just holding still, deep inside of her. She liked quite a bit more "hard and fast" than others, though. Eventually I was lightly sweating and breathing hard, but I was determined to keep her cumming as long possible. I did have to take a short break though, to catch my breath and grab a drink of water. I offered her water first, of course, and checked in again with her husband. While I was catching my breath, I had her husband look into her eyes as I brought her to another quick orgasm with my mouth.

Sufficiently recovered, I again entered her. More very-vigorous fucking followed until her moans and cries softened and merged into one continuous groaning and I was ready to cum at last. I asked if it was OK to cum inside of her and she said, "Please."

I held her close as I ground into her, prolonging these last few moments and shoving myself as far inside of her as possible. I told her to look into my eyes while I came and exploded with strong, slow-motion seeming spurts...

All, in all, a great time. There was little interaction from Him, but She was so lovely and responsive that I did not mind. I gave them my information in case they wished to repeat the performance, with no pressure if they did not. I have since heard from them and look forward to our next encounter, whenever schedules allow.

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