A bum smacking Experians!  

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A bum smacking Experians!

Hello all!

This story is based on my first encounter (sexually) with the Farra sex. hope you enjoy it!
I was a young man of fifteen at the time i was in my home town it was a could February night i joint my friends in the local playing Fields to drink some cider(White Lightning!)and talk about the world as we see it. we finish a good half a 2liter bottle when a friend sowed up, he said hi while taking a swig of cider and asked us if we would like to go to a hose party that a girl from school was hosting.we considered it for a while wile taking swigs of the rancid liquid, the girl how was having the party was not ower favorite person in the school! after a few moments one of my friends said "fuck it!lets go and piss her off" the rest of us looked at each other and nodded with glee.

We all presided to the party that was in full swing by the time we got there there was a hole mix of people when we got there. we headed strait to the drinks table and took several swigs of Vodka we were very drunk by then! The party continued and more people arrived i perched my self agents a wall and surveyed the soundings, my friend by that time seemed to vanished and were enjoying the atmosphere i believe i sore on getting frisky with a girl in the corner.

some more time when by and i downed a few more drinkers unsettled by the hostess gluers at me, I decided to go up stairs. so with my drink in my hand staggered up stairs.

There were a couple of people in the first room i came to but no one i like or could stomach so i presided to the next room were i met one of my friends he said he was talking to a girl and she gust left we talked for a while about how the party was going in till he decided to go and find her he got up and left closing the door behind him.

It was then i realized i was alone in the room i looked around and realized it was the girl from schools room! i looked at her posters of boy bands and took a norther swig when the door burst open, standing in the door way was this gorges slime older looking girl with short brunette her brown eyes wearing Jeans and a crop top with a sort of smirk on her face she stood there for a while and then she spoke "can i come in" "yhe" i said swayed agen and staggered in she sat next to me on the bed "how are you" she said,i tolled her how i was and how i came with we chated for a while and i fond out that she was eighteen and was a sister to one of the girls that huge around with the girl how was putting on the party. she said she was at collage up country.

we contend to talk then suddenly she Faust's her self over my lap "SPANK ME" she said "W-WHAT?" i said taken a back. "you herded me spank me!" i stared into her eye for a second and said "OK".

I sit up a bit and surveyed her jeans clad ass there was tension in the air i raised my right hand i hold it up high for a moment she seemed to tense up waiting for the first strike. it fell 'SMACK' she moaned. 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' she started to pant and gasped "Yes Harder!!" i continued i glanst over at her face she had lifted her top and were squeezing her erect pink nipples gasping in pleasure. At the site of this i started to get hard. 'SMACK' 'SMACK' two more land on her covered ass. after the two spanks landed she sat and got to her feet with her brest's exposed she slowly undid her jeans and slipped them of one leg at the a time exposing her milky thighs and her frilly white knickers, i surveyed her inner thighs and sore what i now know is called a camel toe.I was getting harder a bulge was visible throw my jeans. She returned to my lap and and wiggled her mid section a gents my emacher erection which with the move meant of her pelvis was pressing against her lower belly. "Continue" she said i raised my hand agenst 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK', i stop for a moment the weight of her body was getting me off. I composed my self and started aegin, ten more strike followed and she gasped and moaned with every landing after the last one she looked up and me and asked me to pull down her panties i obeyed and pulled them down to her knees exposing her scarlet red ass womanhood sticking out underneath. It was at that time my right thigh started to feel damp and a smell i have never smelled before my cock gutted out hard agents her belly she turned round and looked at me and made a amused sound "Tell you what you give me ten of the best again and i will give you a reward!" i Nodded and raised my hand and commenced the agreement god that smell was intoxicating by this time i believe my cock felt like it ripe throw my jeans.

we finished the spanking season and she looked up and stoked her red and sore cheeks, she stood up and asked me to lay down on the bed i did so and she climbed no top of me facing my crotch and backed so that her red ass inches from my face. she bent over exposing her sweet Virgina i stared at it closely it was the first time i had seen one this close.

I feel her undoing my jeans and firmly grasping my th roding cock the sensation of of her holding it almost pushed me over the edge. she pulled it out and looked at it , She complemented me on it she said it was "Sweet looking".
she started to wank it god it felt so good her head droped and i closed my eyes as she took me in to her mouth so worm and soft rubbing agents her iner cheek, The Pace's quickened and i started to pant and breath heavily her wonderful smell got stronger and i could not stand it any longer and let go there was a tingle in the top of my cock as hot warm cum shot in to her mouth and down my cock i seemed to cum for ever as she intends it licking and sucking it up as it flowed out. She then got up and went to the mirror took some tissues and wiped her mouth and chine walked over to me and gave me a passionate kiss put he jeans back on and went to the door stooping looking over at me and said "thank you" winked and left the room, leaving me drained and in a state of disbelief to what had gust happened.

I gathered my self got to my feet picked up my drink and left the room.


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