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7/13/2006 11:58 pm

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[B]I have decided to share my personal experiences with all of you. This is my top 10 women not to date. You women readers I believe you could probably take some of these for you own use, however like I said this is only from my own experiences. If you have any to add please let me know. With that said the list goes as follows they are are in no perticular order.

1..Strippers...(Enough said...)

2..Co-workers..(Anyone that works with you, for you, or for the same company. At first you might think you have alot in common but in the end it is work which means the realationship is going no where...Right Beans?)

3..Actresses/Entertainers..(The same qualities that make them very good at their craft make them horrible at relationships)

4..Anyone with 2 or more children from different fathers..(Once a mistake... Two or three times, have we heard of birth control?)

5..Any woman who has dated a professional athelete/actor/singer/ect..(They may say that they do not compare you to them...but they always will. Therefore, if you are not seriously balling stay away.)

6..Any woman that is over 30 and lives at home..(If she is also a rule #4 stay very clear...Can we say looking for a baby daddy?)

7..Attention Whores..(You all know them...Only like you until the next person comes around and shows interest..Never satisfied...I believe they are the worst on this list)

8..Long Distance woman..(Let me enlighten you, if she is not a short car drive away it isn't happening... You all know the different area code rule.)

9..Gold Diggers..( Any woman that asks you how much you make on the very first date is a perfect example.)

10..Anyone you meet off the interenet..(Which means readers, that excludes all of us. However, about 85% of the women that say they are single are not. So save youself some trouble go to a better place to meet women....Like a titty bar, however that violates rule #1 doesn't

**For all I may offend please do not take it personal....Just a drunk man ranting on a Thursday night....PEACE!!!

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