I've got a hankerin for some blog stew!  

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6/15/2005 12:09 am

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I've got a hankerin for some blog stew!


I left everything else behind and this composition is the result. Monsters of evolution couldn't postpone anything, such inevitable fantasy requirement of my breed of sanity. (did he really call this sanity)

plus all the onions in the soup couldn't make for a thicker brothel, and on that note the chef was fired and replaced with a weatherman who couldn't read. we all took turns adjusting the thermostat and the heating lamps so he would think it was sunny, it was fun at first but got tiresome when the sprinkler system turned on and he broke down in tears of endearment, bless his blind weather predicting soul, no-one knew he was really clairvioyant and predicted a mass hysteria about chiken scratch comics, that used profanity to their advantage to win patronage of the publication, but ultimately failed in gaining a respectable name forthemselves on account of the reapeated use of the words "fuck" and "Gangreen" and the alfa romeo symbol. less we blasphemize them on their failure for it grieves us to hear of the passing of another day in which our sense of time stripped from our senses to be abused at will by the power of illegitamate forms of governments, bred for power and fed to the teeth of poverty at the shareowners expense account, regardless the leave themselves open to ridicule for their abuse of mankinds nature amongst the heavenly bodies that refuse to acknowledge their existence as sentient beings on account of the repeated abuse of both senses and channels through which nothing but dead air flows, and as the minid turns stale like a puddle next to a garbage dump, their ultimate (woah dejavu people) downfall is inherent . so notice them not and live as you want, pleasantry overwhelming the expanditure of energy through creative paths brings joy to the heavens and maximizes the progress of humankind as a species. Bon nuit mes amants.

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