Allrighty then!  

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6/16/2005 11:19 pm

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Allrighty then!

So I'm at this bar and I go to the bartender and I'm like 'hey man how much for a drink?'

he's all 'what you want'

'your finest beer' was all I could utter

jus then a man named patches gets over the PA as it happens to be karaoke night and mentions that there's this budwiser girl in the place and if you rub up against her leg repeatedly she'll spurt domestic beer at you.

so being of frugal mind I decide to chance the encounter and waltz up to her leg, however, the allegory I guess did not carry over, and was apparently lost on me. she did like it, but the beer was in bottles and not flowing from her vagina or nipples, so I guess my imagination at the thought of a girl who creamed domestic beer from an orgasm/orafice/gland was too much, but pleasant none the less. I did get to try a bottle of budwiser's new low carb extra non fizzy beer designed especially for pussies but it did nothing for me, even after I took one whilst she was talking to a drunk yokel.

Another time I found myself trying to cross an interstate highway and in the company of a desheveled man carrying a mudflap with the design of a chrome woman on it. quite a nice mud-flap if you ask me. I decided to let him know, 'hey cool mud-flap carlson' as was written on an embroidered bit of nametag that managed to find it's way into his ensemble. "cheers big ears" he mellowed from his rusty beard. "But carlson was my aunt's name, I stole this shirt on a whim." I inquired as to his plan on getting across this motorway without disrupting the eons of evolution contained in our element. He said 'well first I throw the mud-flap into oncoming traffic, then I smear edible paste all over my body and remove my clothes..." he was about to elaborate but I butted in " but you'll lose your great mud-flap! not to mention your heirloom (referring to his stolen auntshirt)." 'matters not. I've got a warehouse full of stolen shirts just like this one, and I plan on picking up the mud-flap after the wreck that ensues.'
'ah makes sense to me' said I.

and basically peoples that is my weekend in a bustanutshell.


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