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rm_Honeyluce 45F
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11/2/2005 6:19 pm

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1st date

I finally got round to meetin up with another member from this site..
After several months and chatting to lots of different guys, most of which were straight in with the question - when can we met? Of course with an added sexual overtone to it.... some funny, some sleezy..
But i have to say it feels a bit to agressive for me.
It kind of scares me off.. and just dosnt feel right. Like it dosnt matter who the person is, any holes a goal..

Hell, it would be great if it did feel right, if i could just meet up, engage in some jiggery pokery.. say thanks, heres your bus fair.. bye! id be having one fantastic time ( providing the guys can deliver what they say they can)..

And maybe one day i will.. but somthin is holding me back. Dont know what.. when i do I will let you know!! hehehehehehe

So back to my 1st encounter.. and me patting myself on my back.
For taking the 1st step.

I forgot to begin with that i met him on this site..
Anyway, i got the courage together, after all i thought, whats the worse that could happen???
I could fancy him and he rejects me??
He arrives - and is nothing like the picture?
Or he turnes up dressed as a woman!! ( Please dont take offence with the last one. Im not anti,i just dont fancy men in womens clothes).

I dont think any of the above happened..

You ask - how can i not know??

Well thats the beauty of people, we say yes to another date.. thinking its easier, its nicer.. than to say directly - thanks but no thanks..( i think this may be an english thing!!!!)

So here i am.. wondering if i will see him again?
I guess cos im this site and its still all a bit new to me..

Im thinking....
How does it work?
Is meeting people from this site and seeing how it develops like the "norm" dating dance?

It must be all very individual to the two( or however many) people involved.
Maybe these are questions i should have asked? But that then would make it feel like a transaction..

I know, i should go with what feels right and be honest and true to myself and feelings.
one feeling that i enjoyed and will try to remember as its a good memory...
Is I left the encounter with an uplifted feeling.

rm_smart7003 59M

11/4/2005 9:04 am


An interesting story you just about tell. Did it work out?

I have been on here for a few months and am still trying (see my blog for the story so far).

I have never yet met anyone from here but am still hopeful. Maybe you could be the one to meet??? Let me know....

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