What's the Point of Lying?  

rm_HoneyLikr 46M
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4/27/2005 5:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's the Point of Lying?

If there's one thing that irks people on here, it's liars. More people complain about that than virtually everything else. They can deal with your inadequacies and hangups, but not lying.

By misrepresnting yourself, you are sending a clear signal that you cannot be trusted. People trust a liar less than they trust a thief. On the other hand, people admire openness, and accept weaknesses as marks of character.

What do you get for your lie? Well, here, you might get cheap thrill for a short time, but it will come back at you tenfold.

You might think it's harmless. Again, here, it probably is most of the time. But what about that one time you think you've connected with someone? Or what if they feel a connection to you? What are they going to think of you when you are nothing like what you claim?

In business, you can be sued for your lie. In a social group you can become a pariah (depending on the scope of your lie). You damage your reputation (if you care about it) and credibility.

Ultimately, the only time a lie is okay is when you're exploring a fantasy. And even then, you'd better make sure that everyone involved is aware that it's only make-believe.

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