Things I Miss  

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11/1/2005 7:16 pm

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Things I Miss

*This message exclusively for those who want to know more. May contain adult material*

Things I Miss.

-Some One to give a rose
-Watching stupid movies on TV in front of the fire while snuggling.
-The electric tingle of the first touch
-The butterfly stomach of a first kiss.
-The absolute physical and mental demand for a second kiss.
-Being with Some one who want the "animal" in Me to come out and play
-A romantic dinner and the childlike voice inside that wants to yell to everyone...."I've got something you don't have>"
-A slow dance in the middle of the living room with no music and for no apparent reason.
-Playing out fantasies because We can.
-A simple "that was great" or "let's go again"
-Waking up to see some one far more beautiful than me.
-Holding some one because they want me to.
-Being held because she wants to.
-The intimacy of passion and the beauty of sharing it.
-Walking anywhere holding hands.

Just a few thoughts to ponder

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