Teen houseparty  

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5/6/2006 9:00 am

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Teen houseparty

I am obsessed with the taste of pussy, the feel of warm wet lips against my tongue just makes me wild. I cant get enough of it! I was at a house party, I had gone out alone, pulled a group of girls, and we went back to this place and they were fighting over me, it was nice to get some attention for a change actually! Anyway, I had my sights on this little blonde number. Slim as anything, pert tits and an ass to die for. We were all drunk on the living room floor, after about 4am people started falling asleep, but I wanted to stay up, coz I was horny as fuck! But I wanted to try something out.

Anyway, the blonde girl hadnt given me much notice, she thought the other girls had won me. She fell asleep in a chair with her legs slightly open. She was wearing a skirt and a black thong. After a while, everyone was asleep. I crept up to her, opened her legs reallllyyy gently, didnt wanna wake her up. I got them apart and managed to slip her thong to one side without too much trouble. I started to lick and suck on her clit, she wasnt completely shaven, but it tasted soooo good. After a while, her pussy started dripping with cum, she was still asleep but breathing heavily! This turned me on more than ever. So I took as much of her pussy as I could in my mouth, and sucked and nibbled and licked it furiously! Her eyes burst open and she arched her back in ecstasy! Grabbed my head and pulled on my hair dead hard. She looked deep into my eyes as if to say "thank fuck, I thought you'd forgotten me!".

Anyways... I was rock hard by that point, she took me into the kitchen out back and knelt down to take my dick in her mouth. I was throbbing so hard it was hard not to cum when she wrapped her soft lips around it. She was using one hand to wank my off into her mouth and the other to rub herself off. She managed to get us, or so she says, to cum at the same time! I spilled my load into her mouth and it was beautiful to see her swallow it! I was spent, but she kept rubbing me and I was rock hard again after two minutes. She hopped up onto the cooker (not the best place to sit) and spread her legs and pulled me into her. I pinned her arms against the wall with one of my hands, and held her waist in place with the other as I slammed into her ! Each thrust was getting sloppy with her cum and my cum. I was starting to sweat! I managed half an hour and then we swapped to doggie, she rest against the work top as I played with her clit and shoved my cock in deep. She grabbed my hand and kept biting it and squeeling, trying not to wake anyone up.

Because we were pissed we had some sort of supersexy lust going on, and we managed to keep it up, lock the kitchen door, and get fully naked on the floor. I explored her ass with my forefinger and she enjoyed the tightness of a finger penetrating her anally as well as a dick right up her pussy.

I never got her number, and never saw her again after that. But I was ready to die of exhaustion the next day, I was so dehydrated!

rm_Hecatonchire 31M

5/6/2006 10:40 am

If only you could order a wake up call like that in a hotel eh?!?! =]

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