Swappers or not . . . Break The Ice  

rm_Headpusher 33M
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8/8/2006 11:55 pm
Swappers or not . . . Break The Ice

It seems being promiscuous is a vintaged-memory searched hard here swappers!! I remember at times in high school when sex use to be so good I could cum about three times in an hour, and send my chick into orgasm three times that. And that's still possible. That's what you call breakin' the ice and showing a bitch how good it is. But here it's not the same way. No one's serious 336 or other area codes. Here's a quickie moment that might spark ya interest. For example, with the same girl. Okay I use to drive across town during high school showered and everything by seven. By seven-fifteen I'm at my chick's and I'd sneak down her hallway past her two sleeping sisters, lock the door to her room and handle business. I didn't play. She knew what was coming and she kept inviting me back during the football season to wrap her pussy around my waist. She was my first BBW, she was kinda short though. But BW got some dope pussy! Anyway, I was in shape b/c of football, so it would go down like this. I'd lock the door and she'd be in her panties and bra everymorning I came over. She'd come back to the room from shutting the front door. She'd lay back on the bed still tired, yet I'm energized, however when she saw I was ready she would bend over the bed, I'd pull my pants down and push my dick right againt her panties in her asshole so she'd get that tight wedgie where I'd pull it back out. By now I'm ready. So I'd get on top, start kissing her titties and working my tounge around her neck and ear. Trust me that ear mess is a killer. Anyway, I throw her legs up on my shoulders so I could smell her pussy. Begin to rub my fingers in her panties and finger her til she got tingly. While her legs are on my shoulders I'll slide her panties over her thick legs, exposing her small pussy. In a split she'd glance down and look at my dick then close her eyes, and I pushed my dick through her hairy pussy as she would moan and slide up and down my dick so my nuts could slap her ass. In all kinds of positions sideways, frontways, backways, whatever ways it was I gave it to her. I would grab her hair in missionary and fuck her pussy til I felt my dick swell and burst juice all over her stomach and thighs. Sex would go on so long that her sisters would be outside waiting on the bus. I knew they saw my car in the driveway a dozens times before I stop coming over but that's how sex use to be. And I won't even get on the time when she would ride my dick. Oh boy. That's the kind of BBW I long for now. It was no real strings. I wanted it. She wanted. But whatever happened in b/w us happened. So who's really bout it bout it swappers. B/c alot of you just shut up and never put up. I want one cool member to invite me over early one morning or after she expects me when she's finished showering that evening. Get their. Lock the doors. Strip. Get my dick on Swole & shoot cum whereever however.

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