There is a place and time for everything  

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12/4/2005 10:22 pm

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There is a place and time for everything

My belly button piercing is almost healed. The Tatoo is doing fine. I have the artwork turned into my artist for the next two tatoos.

I pulled a previous entry from this site... It dealt with some of the trials and tribulations I was going through in my life, but I later realized this place is a fantasy. No one wants the real world intruding in here... unless it is funny...

For example... The fact that I had to have a colonoscopy at 40 when it is usually done after 50 is not funny. The reason I had to have a colonoscopy is funny. I am a tease I admit it and I LOVE IT. So about three weeks prior to giving up a sample over three days of my .... urgh you know. A friend I met from AdultFriendFinder was coming to town. Well, I had a such a great time with him and his wife that I didn't mind seeing him alone especially since she encouraged it. So there I was In his hotel room flirting and being naughty. He's kinda long and I wanted to see if I could get all of him in my mouth. With his patience I managed to do it, all the while getting really hot listening to him describe it on the telephone to his wife. I slipped a condom on him and pushed him back and slowly rocked myself to an orgasm. Now after I cum I CLENCH tight and I have been playing with his cock for almost an hour without giving him release. I slipped off of him and he handed the phone to me. He laid three pillows on the middle of the bed as I talked to his wife and grabbed my hips to roll me on my stomach on top of them. I giggled that "I had a headache" and she and I laughed. He slipped in me, but the angle was a bit off, I felt a little pain, but it went away quickly as he pounded me; and I do mean pounded. I was trying to talk at first but just let the phone go, listening to his wife encourage me to be a slut. I was panting, and moaning like a cat in heat, I even came a second time. He came just after I did and was I glad! It was begining to hurt. I cleaned up and he said goodnight to his wife. We only cuddled for about 3 minutes before he was a snoring. I slept like a baby. He got up early and woke me up with breakfast in bed and a half dozen roses.

So there I am on the table with a camera up my butt almost 8 weeks later and the doctor and nurse can clearly see no signs of cancer, but there is some bruising... They both look sheepish as they tell me I have some unusual bruising... I casually say its not unusual if your boyfriend is 9 inches long. So there ends the mystery of why they thought I might have cancer.


At least it was a better read than my worrysome post. My friends can check out my other personal blog if they care about me in the real world. Otherwise I'll keep this site focused on Sex. Its what we are all here for, isn't it?

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