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3/31/2006 1:55 am

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The Last Post

Its been a whle since I last wrote a blog. Been very busy with one thing or another. I think that someone once said it better some time ago, "Its been an Annus Horriblus up to now".

This is not the last post of a blog on the site, as the title would suggest. Rather it describes an experience I once had and explains why I think life is too short. To really believe that saying, "Life is too short", you have had to come close to, lets say, a personal near death experince. The one where you suddenly realise your number is up but, for some unexplained reason, it passes you by. Mine happened when I was a young soldier serving in South Lebanon with the United Nations.

When I went to Lebanon I took a camera with me. Take all the photos I could as a reminder of my first mission over seas. The pictures in my album where taken by other guys with my camera. Any other photos taken showed me with my camera hanging out of me. Little was I to know that the camera could cost my life. You just never think of those things when you are 21 years old.

Anyway, on a trip to a place called Tyre I went on my usual walk around the camp to stretch my legs a bit. The drive from our camp to there was over two hours on nothing more than dirt tracks. A convoy of Isreali vehicles was passing by and I ran to the nearest guard tower to get a closer look, camera at the ready. I took one of my favourite pictures of an M113 troop carrier (The armoured car on tracks in the pic). As I reeled of a picture or two the guy at the back of it spun around and let fire from his machine gun. (In the picture he is the guy on the right) The walls and sandbags around me seemed to disintergrate. I was showered with sand and bits of concrete. I dived for cover and managed to scramble out of the tower without any injury, but was now safely out of the way. I sat there on the ground shaking, gasping for air and sweating profusly. No one paid any attention to the shots...they were all too common in that part of the word. A soldier knows when the shots are near him and when they are not near you, you pay no attention to them at all.

After a time I gathered myself together and went back into the tower. The convoy had since passed and it was safe to do so. To my absolute horror the window I was in was completely destroyed. The realisation set in of what had happened. I fell to the ground and cried like a baby. After that day I never took the camera on my travels again. Pictures where taken in the relative safety of the camps I was in.

SO, guys, life is too short. Get out there, enjoy it, Carpe Diem. You will never regret something you have done..but you will always regret something you didnt do.

Just so you know..the picture of the armoured car was taken seconds before the shots were fired. The guy who shot was the guy at the right of the picture. The picture is just a tad shy of real time

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