Student/Teacher A True Story  

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Student/Teacher A True Story

"Wow", I thought as she walked into the room. Dressed in ski-pants, heels, a white blouse and a waist jacket. It was 1992 our first day of class and, for most, first time back in school since our teens. We were a small group of soldiers returning to school to complete our education. "Am, going to like this adult education if this is what the teachers will look like".

I watched intently for that 90 min class. Ann (not her real name) had the most beautiful blue eyes. Big, rounded and I could have look into them all day. She was slim, about five five in height and her bum was nicely rounded, with no sign of VPL, and perth for a woman, who I thought was in her late thirties.

Chemistry started to build towards the end of the first term (we were there for two terms) and, although nothing happened between us, you could tell something was in the air. Comments on my homework from her, glances across the room with long eye contact, touching hands when the homework was handed back, brushing against me as she passed by. On one occassion, when I was on duty and missing class, she spoke about me to the other students asking, "Where is my favourite essayist". One of the things I loved watching her do was her playing footsie with her shoe under her desk. Walking in heels all day needed some relief and this seemed to do it for her...she noticed I was watching, but never stopped doing it. On the day we parted for the end of the first term she came to class to wish us a happy summer and as I left she held my hand and asked if she would see me next term, she didnt do it to anyone else. I told her she could, "Count on it". Her hand was soft and I held her gaze looking into her blue eyes and feeling my heart racing. After what seemed an age she let my hand go and we parted for that summer. All I could think about was getting back there to her.

The summer seemed to drag in. You know the way anticipating something always makes the time go slower. There was a chance that this term she would not be our teacher. The leaving Cert students were complaining that a teacher they had was not good enough. I hoped it was not Ann who was leaving us. The afternoon of the first day put me at ease. She walked into to class and for the first time since we started the course, she wore a skirt. "She should wear them more often", I thought. The skirt came down to just above her knees. I couldnt tell if she was wearing stockings or tights but the mystery was all the more savoury. The heels she wore served to emphasise the calves of her legs. The lesson dragged on. My mind was no-where near on the subject at hand, a fact not lost on Ann. If she only knew why. All I could think about was what it would feel like to be inside her.

The class was over at last and as I left Ann called me back. "Did you have a good summer"?, she asked. The lads gave me a knowing wink as they left me behind. But, this was not unusual for me to be back talking to one of the teachers. I was class President and was always being asked questions or passing info on to the rest of the class. Ann Stood beside her desk leaning back on it with her bum just on the edge to support her. "I did thanks, and you"? I was looking into her eyes and what she said next floored me completely. "I did", she said "But missed you". I did not know what to say, it was like a bolt of lightning hit me. My heart was racing, my mind was working over time and instead of saying anything I just gently put my arms around her waist and said, "I missed you too".

Ann draped her arms around my neck and, as we gazed into each others eyes, our lips came closer together. I could feel her breathing become faster as we both became more and more aroused. My arms where on her back pulling her closer to me. Our hips were pressing together as I became harder and I was sure she could feel my hard cock pressing against her. We broke away briefly but still holdng each other. I looked into her eyes and told her how much I wanted this moment. I was so hard, she was breathing heavily and then she reached for the zip of my trousers, "Me too", she said. I pulled her back towards me and let my hands trail down to her skirt and caress her bum. It felt as good as it looked to me all year. I hitched up the hem line of her skirt and put my hands under it. They were stockings and she was totally naked under it. Ann took my cock from its den and stroked it gently, but with a firm grip. Stroking the shaft of my hardness up and down. The sensation of my foreskin covering and uncovering the head of my cock, was so intense I nearly exploded in her hand so I pulled back to stop that from happening. I slid my hand around to her pussy. It was shaven, wet and so hot. She moaned lowly and guided my cock towards her moist hole. As I entered her she groaned and thrust her hips forward until I was deep inside her. I lay her back on the table and felt her wetness all over the shaft of my cock. I thrust deeper and deeper inside her. Her breathing became faster and faster. Oh God I was about to come, "No", she said. She slid off the table turned me around, kneeled down and took me in her mouth. Ann's tongue was working up and down my shaft and around the head. I had never been deep throated before and it was exquisite. It was not long before another first. My balls tightened, her grip tightened as if she didnt want me to pull away as I came. My juices built up and, in the most intense feeling I ever had, I thrust deeper into her mouth and exploded into the back of her throat. Ann took everything that I had. When I had finished she licked and stroked my cock for what seemed like ages afterward. We slowly got ourselves together and gave one finally kiss before we went to seperate classes.

I am glad to say we repeated the exercise often after that but, sadly, when the course ended so did the fun. Ann went back to her husband and me to my wife. I remmber Ann with great fondness to his day. All this happened at a time before text and mobile phones so contact was a lot more difficult then. But, oh the memories.........

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