Fighter Ace  

rm_Hawkeye564 54M
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4/4/2006 8:40 am
Fighter Ace

A Fighter Dutch Ace, Thor Hammershot, is being interviewed about his exploits in the air during WW2. He is asked to describe one of his dog-fights to eager listeners. "So, tell us what happened Thor". asked the interviewer. "Well, it vas like zis", said the fighter pilot. "I vas patrolling over Normandy vhen suddenly I got jumped by two fockers. One came out of ze sun blazing his guns at me. I did a loop and came in on zis Fockers tail and riddled that Focker from ze sky. Coming out of the loop, I seized my chance to get on ze tail of ze other Focker. Ze Focker tried to evade me but I vas too quick for him. I hit ze Focker and he spun down out of site until ze Focker blew up".

The interveiwer, who by now is getting a knowing grin on his face announces, in a superior, patronising voice, "I must point out to listeners that the Focker is a German Fighter plane, is'nt that right Thor", turning to the fighter pilot. "Ja, Ja...zat is correct", says the fighter pilot, "but, zese Fockers vere Messerschmidts".

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