A Grand time  

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4/15/2006 12:06 pm

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A Grand time

When Kendra and I had gotten involved, a lot of people had told us that the relationship wouldn't work. But I knew she would grow to enjoy the doses of black cock, she wasn't used to it.But, she had sworn that she would.

"Oh baby, you feel so big inside me," Kendra moaned. She was lying on the bed, her legs lifted up in the air, as I pushed my black cock in and out of her pussy. My rod was glistening with her juices, and my mouth was sucking on her tits, flicking her stiff nipples with my tongue.

"You love your man's cock don't you?". I was screwing Kendra with slow thrusts, dragging my big balls over her ass and grinding my hips against her clit. She was moaning in pleasure. Her cunt was stretched wide around my rod, and she seemed to be coming over and over again without stopping.

"Yes," Kendra moaned, and I sighed, still pumping my cock. "I need your big black dick to satisfy me." I smiled, and began to fuck harder. Kendra's big tits jiggled, her knees rubbing her nipples. She was sighing in pleasure and calling out my name. After awhile, I withdrew and made Kendra get on her all fours, yes i was about to fuck her doggie style, slowly i slid my dick into her wet pussy, thrusting my hips towards her round plump ass, I could hear my balls bouncing against Kendra's clit as we screwed up to a rapid pace spanking her jiggling ass along the way, letting her know how sweet her pussy felt around my dick. As i grabbed hold of her pelvis dragging her ass back onto my throbbing cock, feeling my dick pulse i pumped even harder, my hot load about to spout deep in her cunt.........

To Be Continued

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