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9/22/2005 3:58 pm

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Thursdays at the Improv

The week's almost over. I've found a routine that works well enough- up at 0500, off to work from zero-six to two-thirty PM... back home by a quarter to three. Check the mail, check the e-mail, check the AdultFriendFinder account, browse a bit, game a bit... find something to occupy my time, keep my mind from drifting.

The long-term plan-of-the-year is to find a discrete, adventuresome, open-minded and sexual woman or two for a winter camping trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a week in February 2006.

That's right- what the hey, why not search here for something like this? Plenty of folks are replying in their personal ad that they're "adventuresome" or "looking to try new things"- yet it seems precious few will actually live up to their own expectations.

Not me.

I'm going balls-to-the-wall, so to speak. My present relationship is FUBAR and I've decided to just let it go its own way. Harsh? Nah- I don't harbor harshness against my wife. I simply find it a waste of time to be bitter over what simply isn't working out. If it does, it does, if not, so be it.

In the meantime, meh- I'm bloggin' on a sex-and-swingers website, looking for someone interested in living life, being adventurous, going beyond the boundaries of the orthodox paradigms.

Some of you might find me entirely whacked- that's cool. Look at me... married with two children, holding on to that in the back of my mind, hoping that maybe something will change between my wife and I, that things will get better...

But the realist in me sees otherwise. The adventurer within me holds such hopeless romantic ideals in scorn, suggests I go off on a limb, put a few lines of text to keyboard/screen, and hope for the best.

Ultimately, I am using this entire forum, this blog, the experiences I have here and IRL as a stepping stone to my future, to happiness, to mental health and spiritual well-being. NO, I'm NOT crazy now... lol! I said "mental health" there because I do feel I've got an issue to deal with- CONFIDENCE IN MYSELF, believe it or not.

Long story, not for this particular post- write me if you're interested in that. In the meantime, hey- let me stay focused on the camping trip- on the future fun I'm planning.

That particular trip, as planned so far, involves myself and an old friend of mine packing up our gear and heading up to the BWCA in February, hiking out into the wilderness, and doing some ice fishing, some photography, sightseeing, lounging around.

The warmth of a campfire after a day's trekking through the empty wilderness is a pleasure into and of itself. I'd like to share that with a woman if she's interested. I'd like to get over the old paradigms and establish the new- the old school prohibits meeting someone unknown online and actually meeting them for an adventure such as what I'm planning.

Hey you- reading this, are you wondering what I'm talking about? Are you thinking I'm crazy for my methods? Am I an asshole for planning such an endeavour outside of the marital relationship? Does this (being on AdultFriendFinder) make me a bad man in your eyes? Or... am I someone you're interested in talking to?

Just why ARE you reading MY blog? Bored? Meh- sorry if I sound a bit agressive or bitter with these remarks, hey... I'm just curious and would like to strike up more within YOU, i.e. CONVERSATION for starters...

I don't expect you to just shoot me an e-mail and drive on up to the Great White North overnight. What I'd like to do is just what a lot of folks are claiming herein- to chat first, establish a friendship, see what develops...

I'm just writing more of my views here on a blog, just putzin' with the idea, trying to let you in on who I am, what makes me tick, one day, one post at a time. You can browse this, ignore it, move on. You can wink or message me too.

And in summary... this post is a heads-up for anyone interested... winter camping trip to the BWCA in February 2006 is being planned for right now. If you're interested in such activities, shoot me a wink if you're a standard member... write an e-mail if you're silver/gold...

Hey, if you're just passin' through, I hope you're not bored out o' yer gourd now... have a good one!


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