The Remains of the Day  

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9/20/2005 10:21 pm

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The Remains of the Day

Just past midnight and I've returned home from a brief mission to transport a "package" to Saint Cloud, Minnesota. A rental car, a few dollars in gasoline, and presto-chango, package delivered to the Raddison Hotel, Saint Cloud.

Get your minds out of the gutter, peeps- the "package" in this particular mission was a person whom I'm helping out in his travel back home, a staff sergeant in the Minnesota Army National Guard; he'd had some legal troubles during the self-same weekend I'd had my own troubles.

Considering we share the same background, in being NCO's in the MN ARNG, I offered a place to stay and other assistance any way I could- in this case, transport from here to Saint Cloud.

It was an uneventful trip- but rife with memories; I'd gone to the city weekly during the summer of 1995 while I'd worked on Camp Ripley as a sergeant, doing roads and grounds maintenance. My lil' brother was living in 'Cloud at the time, working at the Honda House as a motorcycle and small engine mechanic.

On Thursday evenings, I'd go up to visit, and we'd find ourselves jammin' to the local bands at The Press, just having a few brews and enjoying the scenery.

One particular Thursday, a rather fetching blonde strode up to our table, clad in white leather miniskirt, halter top, and sport-coat. Her legs, I swear, went from her posterior ALL THE WAY TO THE GROUND!!! Yeah, they were like that, drop-dead gorgeous.

I was feeling particularly adventuresome, and I didn't hold that back- I asked if I could suck her toes, right then, right there. She actually oblidged me, and well, meh... back then, I was attched to a certain girlfriend back home enough so that I didn't pursue the toe-suckling any further than that...

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, didn't... such is the life that I could've led. And yet again, I'm given the opportunity to seek that life in this forum, in the world around me. I can see that things with my marriage are far beyond repair, and my loyalties therein are fading fast to the cold, hard, meathook of reality.

All that remains of this day is the routine of settling in for the night: checking my e-mail, checking herein to see if anyone out there in this over-expecting, under-sexed forum (so far, that's what it's proving to be for myself) has checked me out beyond a casual glance.

Patience is my stronger suit- I'm excited to hear from someone interested in me, sure... but I'm also terribly new to this particular forum. My main picture is a very in-your-face, hi-I-just-woke-up-WYSIWYG of just that, my face alone.

I look down at my body and know that I'm not half bad, honestly. I've got the build I had in 1998 while serving in Bosnia; lean, muscular, and just a smidge of that fighting paunch- the one that totally and wholly disappeared in the summer of 1996 as I'd worked full-time as a landscaper...

Nothin' beats raking decorative rock around a yard in 95F heat and high humidity to flatten a stomach! I currently ride bike five miles a day, Monday through Friday. I don't work out much but my labors on the job keep me fit... my legs are lean and strong, arms same, chest, just fine for holding a lover close.

I've got enough fur to tickle, but not so much as to be mistaken for Austin Powers. Shavin' would be a task shared as an opening experience with a new lover, should she prove to be into shaved men...

And so tonight I'd found myself in the electronics section at Wally-World, looking at digital cameras. I'd found a few in my price range, and it's a matter of time before I find one adorning my desktop, or hung around my neck for opportunity to cross my path.

For the time being, however, you will just have to satiate your curiosity with words and prose alone. I hope my blend of somber and serious, offset with a smidge of fun-loving and playful, is an acceptable morsel for your intellectual side.

Alas, 'tis time to bid farewell to the remains of the day, and see what tomorrow brings. I bid you adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet ... oh give it up, Romeo... go to BED. G'nite ladies an' gents.


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