Your First Submission  

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Your First Submission

Here is something I published last year. It is in the mild BDSM category involving sensory denial and written in the first person. It was written a paragraph at a time with 3 women giving me feedback in between as to how they felt and the direction it should take. It is quite clinical in terms of the language used which some people might find awkward. There was a reason for that as one of the women I talked to was a nurse. There are also some funny stories associated with some of the delays between paragraphs but I'll save those for another time!!!

Your First Submission

First disrobe and cover your eyes with a blindfold. Under no circumstances must you touch yourself during the proceedings. This is about self control and discipline. Now wait. I will be back. And remember, no touching. I don't care how perky your nipples are, how achy your loins become, how much you start craving for someone to slide inside you. Yes, you can think about it, even anticipate it but you must not touch. Once again, I will be back.

Your A/C should be switched off as you lie there, waiting.

Drip, drip, the ice-cube slowly melts in my hand and drips onto your neck. At the same time you feel the warmth of someone breathing by your ear. The dripping continues but now it is on your stomach too, trickling slowly into your belly button. Now a whole ice cube is placed on your belly and allowed to settle, melted slowly by the warmth of your body. As it continues to trickle, you feel the warmth of my breath on your inner thigh but instead of moving upward, it is moving down. My tongue caresses the back of your knee, your calf and ankle. Now the trickle from the ice cube has worked its way past your belly button and very slowly dribbles into the crease of your inner thigh.

A few minutes pass.

Your nose detects the smell of chocolate wafting past. Suddenly there is the burning sensation of a thick hot liquid running down the underside of your breasts. The molten chocolate is dribbled onto your nipples and slides over your areolas onto the soft supple flesh surrounding them. Now you feel my tongue circling the underside of your breasts, working its way along the path of the chocolate, my teeth nibbling at the flesh in areas the chocolate has clung to. As my tongue moves across your breasts, skirting but not actually touching your nipples, I drip some of the chocolate onto your thighs. My penis accidentally brushes your leg, catching some of the chocolate on its tip. Just as it moves away, you feel it hardening. You may want to reach out for it but you must not.

Now there is silence. Am I still there? Time passes. The water from the ice cubes melds with the perspiration of your hot skin increasing the wetness around your crotch. The smell of the chocolate remains pervasive to your senses. The air is consumed with suspense. Suddenly you feel my presence again but my exact orientation isn't clear. I move your legs very slightly apart, about a hands width. You feel the outside of my forefinger and pinky very delicately run from the top of your knee, along your inner thighs. As they approach your beckoning vulva they slip gracefully along your labia majora before coming together momentarily to brush your hood before fading back into the anticipatory air. This is repeated but with varying time between instances. On the third stroke, the smell of chocolate is literally on the tip of your nose. Now you know what it is; the head of my penis is resting a millimeter from your top lip. The stroking continues but now you feel my middle finger exert pressure on your perineum as my hand reaches your vulva. It remains extended as it teases your minora lips and clitoris. Sometimes the strokes literally brush the air above your lips but this only serves to intensify the expectation and anticipation.

As my middle finger traverses your minora lips, the increasing moisture beckons it to enter. Allowing only the finger tip to moisten itself with the pinky and forefinger on the outer lips, the gentle back and forth motion continues though is now restricted to your vulva. As this happens, I begin to gently bite the outer edge of your hips working my way back down the side of your buttock and back over your thigh, along the crease of your groin, moving my hand aside as I do, and finally back toward your perineum where I pause. Now, all you feel is my breath teasing the follicles from your clitoris to your perineum. With my buttocks pushed upward you feel my balls move over your chin and away as I turn to the side, allowing my semi-erect shaft to rest parallel to your lips. Now, I allow you to clean the chocolate from the tip with your tongue as I move back and forth along the groove of your mouth. While this happens you feel me place ear plugs in your ears. All you have to go by now is touch, taste and smell. No sight, no sound. As you lick the chocolate, you feel my penis moving away as it becomes fully erect from the delicate touch of your tongue. Rather than change my position, I stay still, waiting for it to soften slightly and move back to your lips of its own accord. This stiffening and softening slowly continues until I am satisfied that the chocolate is gone. Meanwhile, my fingers once again resume their perpetual teasing of your outer and inner lips, soaked with the juices my tongue so craves.

As my lips approach your perky clitoris, I take your hood in my mouth giving it a gentle tug. Now I circle your clit with my tongue, my hand pressing hard on your perineum, my nose nuzzling your soaking flower. As your inner petals move upward longingly, my tongue can wait no more, dipping into your drenching chasm, lovingly tasting the rivers of pleasure. My aching cock is pressed against my stomach as I allow it to ride between your breasts and back toward your mouth, my balls testing every sense of smell and taste you have left as they continually brush back and forth. As your pelvis lifts toward my face I turn my hands inward between your legs pushing them apart and hooking back your legs so that I can clasp your buttocks. My tongue continues to dance and having bathed in the delights of your inner perimeter sinfully moves toward your perineum. It is briefly distracted by the combination of juice and perspiration at the outer lips, flattening out as it seeks every nook and cranny containing your delicious elixir. Now that it has its appetite wetted, it moves on past your perineum, my hands clasping your buttocks apart. Using my elbow to keep your leg in place, I allow one of my hands to return to your lusting vulva and with the base of my hand pressing your clitoris, my middle finger slowly penetrates your awaiting virgina, delicately seeking out your elusive Skene's glands, your magical G. Once located, my hooked middle finger withdraws.

As my tongue begins to circle and tease your anus, my finger returns and in the same manner as it teased your labia so long ago, it now teases your Skene's glands, varying the time and motion between entry and withdrawal. As your nerve endings continue to awaken, another finger is allowed to join in the thrusting, each time increasing the pressure on your G spot. With each arrival of my fingers, the heel of my hand presses down on your clit, with the knowing intention of heightening your already elevated senses. My penis is now throbbing, positively hurting to attend the party but I remain disciplined, continuing to vary the parallel action of my evil tongue, the deliberate thrusting of my fingers and my aching balls that continue to skirt and brush your luscious mouth. All the while, I remain conscious of your body responding, making sure I don't allow you over the edge, keeping your hands away from my penis, or from grabbing my back. I can't afford for you to release now if I am to take you to the continuous pulsating, gushing heights of ecstasy that I seek for you.

Stepping off the bench on which you are lying, I slide your body to the end allowing your legs to temporarily dangle. I step between them, allowing my now iron like penis to stroke the gate of your magic kingdom, wondering if the time has arrived to seek out and liberate your crown jewels. I press my hands on the tops of your thighs and run them along your hips, your abdomen and over your breasts in firm, massage like, strokes. With my shaft now teasing your petals as my fingers had before, I hook my arms around your legs and push them over toward your shoulders. However, instead of entering your tingling, wet and clamoring lips, I step around pulling your feet over your shoulders and fix them in the stirrups I have suspended from the ceiling, making sure your legs are kept a good distance apart. I now return to the foot of the bench and slide your body slightly forward allowing me to kneel on the edge. I lift your buttocks and this time, tease both your screaming cunt and gaping anus with the shaft and tip of my manhood. Is this to be the moment of finality? With the slowest of slow thrusts, I enter your blooming petals, my shaft allowing your contracting muscles to squeeze it forward on what seems like a never ending journey into an abyss of ecstasy.

Your perineum seems to anticipate the end of this moment with the inevitable slap of my balls but it does not come. The inward thrust just seems to go on for ever as I fill your joyous pussy. Then, as slowly as I entered, I withdraw, allowing my circumcised head to linger at the inner perimeter, its rim slowly hooking your quivering lips as it emerges before moving up to briefly liaise with you clit. Now, I step away and place in your mouth something that, with your heightened sense of smell and taste, realize is a baby cucumber! For now, with no sight or sound available to you, I step away, leaving you to wonder what might be next.

No sound, only darkness. All you can feel is your own breathing, the wetness between your legs, the perspiration of your body, your feet in the stirrups and the cucumber between your teeth. You know you must not use your hands or release the cucumber from your bite for fear I may see you and not return to my task. Suddenly, the cucumber is taken from your mouth and allowed to rest between your breasts. Then, once again, I am gone. I watch your tingling body to gauge your level of arousal and move to the foot of the bench once more. When I sense you can bear the tension no longer my head is once more between you legs, sucking, licking and eating your flowing juices. With my lips wrapped around your inner petals, my tongue once more circles the inside of your luscious pussy.

Then it's my fingers again, gliding in and out on your love juice, each time tweaking your G Spot while the heel of my hand pleases you clit. Having soaked both my hands I slide them up over your breasts and into your mouth allowing you to suck on my fingers. All in the same movement, I am again inside you, this time my knightly cock performing its powerful thrusting motion with controlled vigor. Now I lean back slightly so that my tip catches your G spot with each deeper thrust. My hand takes your hand and allows you to play with your clit as I focus on ensuring my tip satisfies every follicle, every nerve ending indeed every cell of your inner treasure trove. At the end of each thrust, I press by balls on your perineum and occasionally give the cucumber in your ass another prod. Now, I roll you over slightly, taking one of your legs from its stirrup and placing it over my shoulder. I need to work your G spot some more. In I go again, back and forth, back and forth, my hands spreading themselves over your upper body, massaging your breasts, sometimes taking a nipple between my teeth.

My whole body is now alive as I let my willing penis go about its business. Sometimes I thrust aggressively exerting maximum pressure on your Skene's glands, other times I slow, taking my time to enter and withdraw, allowing my sensitive head to feel every millimeter of your insides. With your juices seeming to crave the marriage with my semen preparing for a powerful release, I continue to vary my rhythm in order to keep them in check. Once I have worked my way around your inside from the front and side I release the second stirrup and swivel you over so I can literally circle your G spot with my tip.

With you bent over the bench, I remove the cucumber from your ass and focus my attention on the pending crescendo. This time, as I "bull mount" you, I clasp you tightly against my chest with one arm while the hand of the other massages your clit. Now, rather than the thrusting motion of before, my movements are completely honed to the response of your body. Again, you build towards a plateau but this time the ride to the top is so smooth, it is hard to describe. With each slight movement of my penis, my primitive feedback mechanism seemingly knows where to move next and by how much. Through contraction and relaxation of my PC muscle, I control this delicate motion at the same time containing my own urge to explode. We maintain this position as we keep our sensibilities on a knife edge of pleasure, the perspiration of our bodies meshed together, and our entire frames quivering in ecstatic anticipation. Then, just when it is time, I slide back and with a deep breath, squeeze my PC as tightly as I can before the thrust against your G spot, required to push you over, is enacted.

As your own unique call emerges from your lips, I take my fingers from your clit and place them in your throat, stifling the sound, your body convulsing, one moment rigid, another moment floppy, as I continue to motion my penis in it's dance of carnality. Having contained my physical release, the electric sensation of ejaculation free orgasm spreads throughout my body making me grip you harder as we jolt in a sea of pleasure. We start to rock back and forth in this vice like grip as I relax my PC, preparing for the final onslaught. Just as your body starts to relax slightly, I unleash my contained man of steel upon your pussy once more, this time more aggressively thrusting as I allow you to enjoy wave after wave of gushing, sopping releases. Back and forth we rock, our bodies acting as a single organism in the throws of ecstasy. Then, as your screams are freed by my fingers and you reach the culmination of your series of plateaus, I let go, exploding inside of you in a climatic crescendo, our calls singing in unison, telling the world of the screaming pleasure that is my Disneyland.

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