Can anyone tell my why  

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9/7/2006 9:23 pm

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1/4/2007 8:31 pm

Can anyone tell my why

can anyone tell me why ?????? Why do people that dont match you leave you messages IF IT SAYS YOU ARE NOT BI IT MEANS YOU ARE NOT BI!!!!!!!!! also if it sayes you are not interested in gang bangs it means you are not into them so why leave a message asking you to join one. Are people that dumb. The best is when you dont respond to them they still think it is ok to send you another message can anyone tell why .

AndyUnique 68M

9/8/2006 12:04 am

Just like telephone solicitors or spammers. Same with the postal service. I fill a waste basket every week with credit card applications. Those guys are trolls send out bulk mailings to any and all females hoping for a response without any regard for profile content. They are fakes or worse.

rm_6openwide9 41M
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9/12/2006 6:43 am

i'm only interested in you! i think we match up pretty well, hope we can chat soon!

rm_dosrev 39M
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10/1/2006 3:38 pm

hope ?

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