Signs, signs, what are the signs  

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7/8/2006 10:11 am
Signs, signs, what are the signs

Something I thought of in my previous post. I stated that if a friend of mine and myself are in a club, bar, etc and we see a woman that's flat-chested, he won't approach her for that reason but I will if she expresses an interest in me.
I thought back to signs, be it expressions or body movements, that a woman shows when she is interested. Alot of the signs are ambiguous. Take for example smiling. I've had many women smile at me, yet when I talked to them, I could immediately tell there was and never was any interest.
Some of the signs aren't so ambiguous. Take for example if a woman touches my leg. I've always taken that as a clear indication there is an interest, especially if her hand is moving up towards my crotch (that's a definite dead give-away).
Now, for the signs involving touch, you have to be at least in close physical proximity. And this would mean either one of the preliminary signs was employed or you just got near each other and just started talking.

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