I've Seen It All  

rm_HDBhamMJ28 39M
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7/19/2006 7:19 am
I've Seen It All

I know I haven't lived on this earth that long and I wasn't expecting to have seen it all in such a short time. Let me explain. Much like a good majority of you, I constantly receive catalogs selling various goods in the mail. I've gotten catalogs featuring adult movies, regular movies (sometimes regular and adult movies in the same catalog), camping and hunting gear, the list goes on. Well, the other day, I walk to my mailbox and get the mail. As I'm sorting through it, my eyes fall upon a new catalog. I get back inside and thumb through it to see if there's anything I might be interested in.
Are you ready for what this catalog was selling? Take a guess. No, but nice try. This particular catalog was selling other catalogs. You heard me correctly. A catalog selling other catalogs. Who sold us on this? I would have loved to have been in that meeting and hearing some executive say "You know what will really get this company rolling? A catalog. We don't have any products to sell you say. How about we sell other companies catalogs in our catalog?" I probably would have lost my job or been arrested, probably both, but I would have smacked that executive on the back of the head so hard, he would have been seeing stars for 2 months. If it was a female executive, I wouldn't hit her. I was raised not to strike a woman. However, I would express my disliking of the idea and the absurdity of it.
I've gotten a few more of those types of catalogs and straight into the trash can they go.

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