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7/5/2006 1:07 pm
First Post

OK, here we go. My first blog and my first blog posting. Guess that makes me a blog virgin, so please be gentle. Yeah, I know that was corny, cheesy, and/or both, but that's me. I laugh, or at least snicker at stuff like that and I also enjoy comedy that makes me think.
I also like to laugh at the stupid things I do from time to time. Case in point. A few weeks ago I had been working out in the yard, mowing, weedeating, moving fallen limbs, etc. I finished and came back inside. I went to answer nature's call and thought, 'Hell, I'm up here, dinner's cooking, might as well wash my hands, I'll shower after I eat.' But instead of reaching for the soap, I promptly squeezed toothpaste onto my hands. Why you ask? Normally I use one of the pump soap things that's at the kitchen sink (I wash my hands after answering nature's call). I also have one of those Mentadent toothpaste pumps in my bathroom. I was so used to using the pump soap, I had a brain fart and thought I had one in the bathroom too. I laughed about that for a solid hour.
Well, I hope that brought a smile to your face. I'm not sure what other things to post in the future, maybe some other ravings, a few observations, etc. I'm also thinking of maybe posting some erotic stories.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

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