Favorite Female Body Part  

rm_HDBhamMJ28 39M
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7/8/2006 9:48 am
Favorite Female Body Part

Alot of my friends and I often have this debate. Some have labeled ourselves "breast men", while others say they prefer legs or the ass. While all those parts are nice, I just can't seem to settle on one.
True, I do look, ogle, or stare at a woman with big breasts and I've been known to stick my hands in my pockets to stop myself from pinching a woman with a superior posterior. I prefer to take in the body as a whole and admire, stare, ogle, or look at it that way.
Now, all that being said, there is something to say about a woman's eyes. I can stare into a woman's eyes alot longer than I can stare at her breasts or ass. And, this is the absolute truth, but if I ever compliment a woman by saying "You have pretty eyes." I'm actually talking about her eyes.
All that leaves me in the middle with my friends since I can't decide on just one body part. Course, it is to my advantage. While my friends have a complete list, I have no such list. For example, a buddy of mine's favorite body parts are the breasts. This is followed by the ass and legs. Now, if the both of us see a woman who happens to be flat-chested, he's left going to the next item on his list. Me, I'm soaking in the entire body and not worrying about it.
This line of thinking also helps in approaching females. There has to be some attraction, I agree with everybody on that. Now, if the same friend and I see the same woman in a bar, club, etc, he won't approach her. If she shows an interest in me, I will.

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