Tripping the Light Fanastic...  

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3/28/2006 1:17 pm
Tripping the Light Fanastic...

Boy, I think how I wish I could do that.

Everyhting's okay right now. Sometimes I wish I could really talk to my mom about things that are going on right now. I know she isn't liking the fact that our roommate is doing what is he doing towards my brother and I (like using our things without asking). My brother and I also noticed that the roommate is almost constantly late for work. We are very surprised that he hasn't gotten fired yet.

I swear, ever since the roommate's moved in, I can never get to bed at a decent hour. It's always between 11pm and 1am. Either he's playing a video game or just has his music up loud! My brother's up later too. We also just found out that the landlord now wants a lease agreement. Why? Probably because my dad tried to get the utilities into our names.

I think I have mentioned in one of my posts on here that Wal-Mart didn't even want me for an interview. My brother got on my case again about finding a job. Either is can be another part time one or a full time one with benefits. I am really hoping that something comes up for me soon so I can pay off my credit card bill and my cell phone bill and get better credit! Who knows when my car will konk out on me and I will need to lease one or something.

My life on here: IT SUCKS!


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