My Weekend...  

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10/25/2005 9:51 pm

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My Weekend...

Thank goodness we are getting help for things! We don't have to pay for her bills because she was the one who let them go, not us. We have to take care of her checking account (not sure if we are gonna close her account or just take her name and John's name off of it so I can have it because the cell phone I have is coming off her account). Some people are telling me that we might not get a social security check for her for last month and this month - why wouldn't she? She was alive in both months so?
Saturday night into Sunday! A couple of my friends and a handful of my brother's friends came to the house. I cannot believe we had people here. But anyways, like early Sunday morning, I go out to throw out the trash and I come back in to find out that my friend Geness and my brother's friend Mike are having sex! I have no idea how long it was for but they were really going at it and mind you, they were in the next room next to mine! Believe me, John and I were not happy at all that these two people who really barely know each other are having sex in our house! Well, I can't remember if it was while it was going on or after but this guy named Chris kissed me and started fingering me! Mind you, this kid is like 4 years younger than me and has a girlfriend! He's all like you gotta keep this between you and me. I'm sorry, I had to tell whomever reads this and my friend Geness. Supposedly, according to my brother's friend David, the relationship isn't the best but yet they are talking about marriage! This guy seems like a great guy and everything but wow. After everyone was asleep, he came into my room and asked if I could help him out. I was extremely tired so I told him this. But the shocker of the night happened when my brother threw a teddy bear in the room where Geness and Mike were. Well, Geness comes out to me, throws the teddy bear back right at me and starts into me about how she's helped out with things since my mom died and how ungrateful I am and blah, blah, blah. That got me crying (mind you I was lit) and I was all like I didn't even do anything or say anything to anyone about her in any way, shape or form. Well, we had a talk and I think things are smoothed over. but that shocked the hell out of me. We went outside and talked things out. I told her about how my night was and she told me about hers. But the whole night was...just weird. Before I went to bed, Chris came in and kissed me again very passionately.
Sunday morning, David, John, Geness, Drew (John's friend) and Elise (a friend of everyone) went to eat. Drew had heard about "it" and asked about it. LOL!
I am seriously looking for a full time job. I need it especially if we plan on staying here. Rent is $1,150/month. I hope Ed and Leah (the people we are renting from) will help us out in someway. We don't want to get rid of the dog and the cat - they are all we have left of Mom.
FutureLaw81.. I cannot email people but I can email them back if they email me. I'm not trying to ignore you or anything! It's just that AdultFriendFinder is being crazy and will not help me determine if I am male or female.

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10/29/2005 10:15 pm

Whats up Lyndsay,

well thanks for atleast letting me know that you have read my posts. sounds like you had a crazy weekend. I obviously dont know this Chris guy you talked about but i do know guys in general, and I would hate to hear about a guy taking advantage of your situation right now, now with that said...if you are in to this guy well hell i hope things will start to look better for you in the relationship department, but if your are in to him because he is in to you then i hope you stop and try to figure out his motives. and as far as finding someone to help out with rent, I have been looking for a place to stay down in Dekalb so i dont have to commute ne more, I would love to be able to help you out becasue if i can move any where closer to Dekalb than Rockford then that would save me a tone in gas. The problem is is that i just started working at Wal-mart( I know what your thining...."he's marriage material"...LLLLOOOLLL well its "part time like a paper route" but the thing is is that im poor, i only work like 25 hrs a week so i dont know even if I would be able to help you out. or better yet if you would even want me to. well NE way as far as the email thing, you can email me if you want at AdultFriendFinder
hope to hear from ya and even if i look even cuter when you do.

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