He's Gone!!!  

rm_Gurlie62480 36F
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4/3/2006 6:38 pm
He's Gone!!!

The roommate from hell is gone!

As I type this, our lovely roommate is taking his stuff and hitting the road. Don't know what happened but he wasn't fulfilling any of his agreements he had made with our landlord. Like this past Saturday, he was supposed to help him deliver water softener salt. Well, roomie supposedly called landlord and left a message because he got more hours at where he works. I have a feeling roomie lied to him about calling him - he's lied to my brother and I about a ton of things. And I told landlord about some of the things that roomie has done. That pissed him off so bad.

Roomie is 18-years-old and thinks he knows the world. Well, live in our world. You have both of your parents still - we do not. Welcome to the real world, buddy boy!

Anyhoo, I have started to work on a new fiction story for my blog. I seemed to get a lot of comments on my blog when I posted my first one. I hope this fiction will be as good as my first one.


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