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7/31/2005 4:51 pm

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The kissing stops and he gets out from under me. He slips off the couch. I let my legs go under me and stay on the couch. He tells me that I look really hot in just a skirt. I get up and stand in front of him. I tell him he would look a lot hotter if he was naked. I pull my close to me by grabbing the waistband of his jeans. He smiles at me.

I take my hands and undo his belt very slowly. After I take off the belt, I look into his eyes seductively and in the same manner, I let my hands unzip his jeans. He takes them off without missing a beat.

I turn around and let my ass tease his bulge. After that, he pushes me away a little away from him and moves his hands up and down my ass. He slaps it and that makes me jump a little. I smile at myself as he undoes my skirt. He helps me out of it and he drops it on the floor.

He pullls me back closer and we sway to a song that is playing in his head. I let my head fall on his shoulder. He kisses the side of my neck. He lets his fingers start to tease my pussy. My hands rub up and down the sides of his legs as we dance.

I just cannot help but go weak in his big arms. He notices and pulls away but takes my hand.

I ask him where we are going and he tells me that we are going to a land that only I see in my dreams. I have to laugh - so does he because it sounds so corny but it's true he says. As we walk, I look into his eyes. He says that he would love to take me away from my life for a while and asks if he could. I tell him he may.

We go into his bedroom. He pulls me into his arms and passionately kisses me. We kiss for what seems liek forever when he slips his hands into my panties and each hand is occupied by a butt cheek. He whispers in my ear about how he thinks my ass is beautiful. I quietly laugh and tell him thank you.

He lets his hands go on the sides of my face then lets them go through my hair. He tells me how beautiful I am and what an awesome smile I have. I ask him why he's stalling.

We walk hand in hand over to his bed. He tells me to lay down on the bed so I do. I've got some lovely boy short panties on so I make sure he sees them. I look back at him as I slowly lay my body down on my stomach.

I turn around as he climbs on top of me but not before he straddles himself above me. He looks into my eyes as his hands grab for my panties and he slowly take them off. He nearly makes me shiver as he takes them off.

He throws them on the floor then throws my legs over his shoulders. He slowly licks up one of the insides of my legs as his other hand pets the other side. In one full swoop, his lips meet my pussy. As he licks and bites, my hands go to his hair. With every touch of his tongue, I let my back arch off the bed and I moan a little bit. He opens up my pussy lips a bit wider and lets two fingers join his tongue.

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8/2/2005 3:13 pm

always a pleasure hearing about your thoughts and ideas..........

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8/4/2005 5:02 pm

Sounds like the perfect night

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