Prudes on a sex site? Here's your sign.  

rm_GreatOral555 67M
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7/13/2005 1:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Prudes on a sex site? Here's your sign.

While I don't necessarily want to rip off comedian Bill Engvall from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, I have to wonder why "prudes" would even bother to sign up and pay money to join a sex partner locating service? Or is it just me getting on in years?

e.g. How is it a woman who wants to meet any number of men for role playing fantasies, ones that end up with her ass being spanked red raw by all manner of implements, can be so offended by a cock shot in a profile they'd block an enquirer? Excuse me? You're telling the world you want to be beat raw by a strap on a sex site but a picture of a guy's cock is offensive?

Good thing I'm not into spanking Jeez.

Seems to me everyone here should be at least honest enough to admit one thing: we're all here for sex. We want to get some. Or, some more. Or, a variety. We want our bits to mesh with their bits and have some fun. Aren't we all chasing sexual pleasure?

And I have no trouble with looking for a LTR here because, afterall, it'd be nice to get the sexual compatibility issues out front and dealt with in the beginning rather than way down the road, wouldn't it? The folk looking for no strings, in and out, smell ya later are cool, too. At least they're up front and honest about it: fuck me - bye!

But this isn't eHarminy or Match-dot-con, is it? No. This is hang it all out, snatch what you can, have fun in the process. Life's too short to be moaning about nakedness when the entire deal here is to meet and get naked asap. Maybe someone should start a website called prudes for the prissy people? Here's your sign.

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