7 best and worst seconds of the day  

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8/3/2005 3:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

7 best and worst seconds of the day

Right now, the best seven seconds of my day come every morning when a certain co-worker passes by my office window. I only catch a glimpse of her from my window and then bolt up out of my chair and slide into the office next to me to watch her walk across the parking lot. It's only seven seconds until she disappears behind a row of cars and my vision is blocked.

But it's a great seven seconds. She has an absolutely world class ass and always wears super tight pants and a high waisted thong (by guestimate, of course). Crazy-good as some would say. It's the stuff that drives me crazy.

This woman has no idea how well she would be serviced, cared for, and sweetly treated should my lips ever touch those silent ones of hers. Drives me nuts.

Now, the seven worst seconds of the day is exactly at the same time, but now, my dream woman has a stupid sweater wrapped around her waist and it's covering her butt as she walks by. It ruins my day.

There'd never be anything between us in terms of committed relationship, of course, because I'm out of her age bracket; but, she'd have hell of a fuck buddy were she to ever choose me!

Damn it sucks to get old.

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