"Come on over for coffee", you said.  

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7/20/2005 12:41 pm

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"Come on over for coffee", you said.

So at 10:00am I rang your door bell. You answered wearing a white button down silk blouse, jeans and heels. I could see a hint of cleavage.

You smiled. "You're prompt", you said. "Did you bring the cream?"

"You know I did", I replied.

I stepped into your foyer and could smell the coffee brewing. You led me back to the kitchen. It could have been my imagination, but I thought I saw a little extra sway to your walk. I started to stiffen just thinking of the possibilities.

You walked to the counter and poured two mugs. I moved behind you and placing my hands on your hips, I nuzzled your neck. I could smell your soap and shampoo. My lips and tongue lightly traced your from your shoulder to your neck and ear. You sighed heavily and you arched your back, pressing your buttocks into my penis.

I reached around and unbuttoned the top button on your blouse. Peeling your blouse off your shoulder, I pulled your bra strap aside and ran my tongue along your blouse. You reached around and unzipped my slacks and your hand disappeared inside.

rm_msexythang4u 55F

6/24/2007 6:29 pm

what a teaser this is. but i can only imagine that i am the one you came to see for coffee.....mmmmmmm

rm_Gr8Kisser69 replies on 5/4/2008 5:03 am:
You may have coffee, but your grinder may not be big enough for my beans. Besides, your 771 miles away.

By the way, I like your stories too...

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