Just waiting for the right person........  

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10/23/2005 6:32 am

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3/8/2006 7:12 am

Just waiting for the right person........

Want to see if ADFF is the alternative to find,a person near my area to spend some good time together,i hope??
I am a Standard Member,because I am new here and I want to see if it is realy true that you can meet other people fast by browsing in your'e area,because as a Standard Member I can not see that much such as profile pictures etc...The prise is ok,but how fast you meet people if you are Member (Gold or Silver).And by the way I saw some profils from womens near my area,who I think that they even do not exist,because no way to post a message,to a (silver member) and at the end of profile is the las visit when this user was on-line for the last time,and there are some profils who stays nothing behind?Now it is exactly 1 month and strange is,that the results of your matches shows those profiles,and a fake adresse,who does not exist in Luxemburg or a german name for the city and Luxemburg as the country,maybe there are some errors by browsing your matches,but 1 month would be enough for the admin to change those errors.Anyway i am posting this because I want to hear what other standard members think about that??

So if any women read's this and lives near from my country contact me plz I will answer you immediately,and you can be in Germany France or belgium because the border to lux are so close together that i would accept,somebody who lives 50 km from my town that would be no problem with a car!

Just waiting for you.......!!

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