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9/11/2005 2:50 am

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4 Love

Love is a black rose
dying, wilting
A scar upon the altar Of My life.
Offered as a gift but killed
By the burning Of passion,
By a torturous touch,
By too much water and sun.
Left to die, but I cannot cry.
I can never love again.

Love is a poor blind man
Staggering through an empty catacomb,
Finding something to help him,
Or someone to guide him,
And reaches too fast,
And holds on too tight,
And destroys what has helped him.
He crushes what loved him.
He is a sad, lonely, terrible thing.

Love is not real to us.
It is too abstract and perfect.
Too powerful for us to control.
Too high for us to dream to know.
God keeps it secretly tucked away.
Far better for us and safer that way.
Only God can give love,
And though He gives it to me,
I cannot give a love like His.
Love is an impossibility.

Love is a dark night.
The multitudes Of stars twinkle.
Moonshine lights My way
As I traverse the distances.
I scale a mountain.
Barely alive at the top,
Watching stars wink and fade away,
With arms opened wide I greet the day.
The sun rises, and I love it.


rm_jeauxjo 47M

3/21/2006 10:07 pm

hey how r you

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