A "Penatrating" Question  

rm_GerBear1 56M
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12/21/2005 12:53 am

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A "Penatrating" Question

OK...a question for whomever, but for my readers of the feminine persuasion in particular: Is your orgasm accentuated by having your pussy/anus full of cock/dildo?

Why ask? Personal experience has me wondering.

First, my lady friend of some years is most definitely a Clit Is IT! type. I can tease her to a string of climaxes without ever getting even a finger inside her. When I am in her, she only really cums when she rides my pubic bone, and seems to essentially crush her clit between us. Her climaxes seem about as intense either way, whether I'm in her or not.

But...a newer lady friend is about the other end of the scale, and has surprised me. Try as I might, lick, suck, vibrate or squeeze, she does NOT cum with clit play. But, get inside her and she goes nuts. The deeper and harder the better, and the more intense seem her orgasms, if body spasms and screams are any indication.

And then there's my own experience with my autoerotic play. I happen to enjoy anal dildos, and find that having one up me as I shoot off makes several degrees of difference in the intensity of sensation, and in the force/velocity of my cum shot. Whoah! It can be head-spinning at times.

So, again, does being filled "turn up the heat" orgasmically for you?

doit4joy 59M
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12/21/2005 10:32 pm

I learned G-spot penatration from caucasian lady whom I met through this site. (And I tried the technique with several other ladies consists of different races, ages, body type etc...it works every time, if you know how to do this, and it doesn't take long)

It is located not that deep, probably not even 3 inches from entrance and located on front wall of vagina.
So point is this...
1) Don't put your penis deep inside.. (although that's feel better for men)
2) Your penis has to be super hard (almost hard as wood)
3) Your penis has to have very hot temperature (so don't use any ED drug, which cause penis temperature down)
3A) Probably thick penis will do the job easier than long one..
4) Move very slow and shallow until viginal muscle shrink (you feel tight inside, obviously) It is tough to maintain hardness, but once you know how to use your muscle, it is not tough..
5) Then, move very hard (again, you may need to do full stroke...but point is.. your penis is almost pulled out when it is up position) here, you are almost like a wild animal, require a lot of stamina

Hope this will help

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