Almost forgot this was here!  

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2/23/2006 11:37 am

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Almost forgot this was here!

Really, I did but was reminded this morning, and as I look over this blog, I see several people have actually looked at it! Thanks!

I was talking to a pal about why I do what I do. My conclusion was that one of the things I do is create a safe space for myself and my partner(s) to challenge ourselves by exploring fantasy and limits. I find that an amazing thing and all too rare.

We get so few opportunities to really put ourselves in places that push our limits. I've found itin sport and other physical activities, in the arts and performance, but rarely if ever in the confines of 'normal' life.

So how does one create a 'safe space' like I refer to? To me it's in part about shedding expectation and prejudice. I think more importantly though it's an active choice to accept the limitations I have and hold only myself accountable for communicating what I want. Also it's respecting that my partner may not want the same things as me, and that's ok too as they have an equal right and corresponding responsibility.

Try it...I could be entirely wrong.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by.

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