Talk About an Awkward Moment,...  

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1/7/2006 6:41 pm

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Talk About an Awkward Moment,...

She was sitting in the dining room, enjoying the nibbles of the neighborhood gathering. She looked wonderful, her hair nicely done, some lovely cleavage displayed and even a short skirt and heels. And would you believe it the only seat in the house was at the table directly across from her. Where else could I sit?

Who was she? One of the lovers from my past. Last winter's "fling." Yes, there was some commitment on both of our parts. We seemed very compatible and got along great. Dining out, flea markets, the circus, picnics in the park and at the beach, even some late night love making on North Lido beach. So what happened? It all fell apart when I decided to head north for a month to see my family. She didn't want to go. "Hate NY" is what I heard. "Don't worry, I promise to come back." I told her....

"Don't bother" she stormed off out of the restaurant last June.

And there she is sitting across the table from me. Just about everyone at the gathering knew that we had been "an item" last spring, and I think they felt as awkward as I did at the moment.

"Hi," I smile, sitting down...."How have you been?"

There was a very pregnant pause....a time passed when she smiled and answered. "Missing you!"

We chatted briefly at the gathering sitting on the couch...."Can I call you for dinner?" She really did look great, the cleavage and the sensuous short skirt was very attractive. For a gal who is 58 she still turns heads when walking into the room.

"I'll think about it." she smiled.

Talk about an awkward moment

Now comes the questions? Was I terrible for leaving and choosing a visit with my family over her? She was invited declined to come.

Should I persue? Those legs are nice...and we did get along....but she is controlling, unbending, wants things her way only.

Or are there other "fish in the sea?"

Well, the trial and tribulations of a single mature gentleman....

rm_jynxgurl 29F
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1/8/2006 7:38 pm

it couldnt hurt to try, could it? I think you should go for it!!

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