Shaved or natural?  

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4/12/2006 8:48 am
Shaved or natural?

"If you want it shaved you do it for me."

"That can be arranged."

Getting out of bed you go into the bathroom to start the water to fill the tub. "Second drawer of the dresser has a bottle of soap, a razor and some shaving gel." I state as you come back to the main room. You walk over to the dresser to retrieve them. Turning and smiling at me, you walk over and take my hand and lead me to the bathroom. I take over and guide you into the steaming water and help you sit safely. Placing the razor and gel on the edge I reach behind you and shut off the water. Taking a washcloth and soaking it in the hot water I open the bottle of soap and begin to build up a good lather with it. You spread your legs on the sides of the tub, wide enough to watch me wash and shave you clean. Slowly I begin to rub the cloth on your pussy. Ensuring every inch between your belly button and knees is clean; I join you in the tub, and lift my rear so I can slide your legs under me to help hold you above the water line. Taking the gel I squeeze some into my hand and rubbing my hands together to get the lather building. Taking both hands I rub the lather over just the top half of your mound. Methodically I spread it evenly. Taking the razor gingerly to your flesh, and in a slow careful motion I shave the first section. Rinsing the razor I study what has just been shaved to ensure that I have not nicked you or missed anything. Ten exciting minutes later I finished just the top half. I pay particular attention to detail, or should I say my tormenting slowness astounds you. Quickly you rinse off and to sit up on the edge of the tub.

Carefully you settle on the edge of the tub and watch as I spread a new layer of gel on your pussy lips. Watching as I continue to shave, your mind begins to get hazy. You can feel my hand spreading the lips apart and the other one is gently shaving away their dark curly covering. I can feel you fidget as your juices begin to flow. I see you smile, trying to hide it from me.

"You like the effect this is having on me don't you?" you ask

"Yes, I want to watch you squirm more before I relieve you of your need," I add and then go back to shaving you clean. You continue watching trying very hard not to loose your mind. “OH, I never knew that being shaved could be so erotic,” you softly moan. Finally finished I lower you back into the water to rinse away the remaining crème. When you’re clean you turn and release the lever and stand up as the water flows out of the tub. Taking your hand I help you out.

I grab a towel and dry myself first. Then getting on my knees in front of you I start to rub your dry; Feet first, massaging toes and ankles on each foot; working up the calf, kneading it, wiping the knee and tracing a finger along the crease in the back. Drying your thighs I turn you around to dry your backside. I again turn you, and begin to dry what I just shaved, carefully and leisurely. I am kneeling before you like a scientist studying something that has no real interest, and I’m driving you insane with the anticipation.

Swimming in the sensations of my hands through the drying motions of the towel your eyes close, and at that moment is when I decide to kiss your thigh. Your knees begin to buckle, but I grab your hips and hold you steady. My lips kiss a trail across your pelvis to release a warm breath over your mound. The air brushes over your clit and down between the freshly shaved pussy lips. My tongue slides into the valley of those lips. Knees begin to give again but I hold you steady. Tracing the lips I avoid the engorged bud and only tease the opening. Taking first the right then the left I suckle and nibble gently.

"mmmmmmmm," comes out of your mouth.

I sit back on the bathroom rug, pulling you with me. Lying back I bring you to me and guide your pussy to my mouth. You can feel fingers opening the folds and my tongue slides into you. Always close but never touching my clit. You push me closer to my face, my tongue licking from bottom to top. Oh, there went my tongue finally over my clit. Circling it, flicking it and finally I close my lips around it and suck.

"I'm gonna cummm," your body begins to shake and your breathing deepens.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/13/2006 4:22 am

It was almost like you were peeking into our bedroom and bathroom. As you can tell from the icture, I'm shaved - always! BTW, this story was really hot!!! Great blog.

Lady Bambi

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