One Never Knows  

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2/23/2006 5:18 am

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One Never Knows

I stood on the small private balcony early; the sun was about to peak over the water's horizon. The caribbean sea breze was a lovely way to start a day of crusing. The balcony door to the adjoining suite opened...a bit softer than usual and she walked to the railing...smoke surrounding her and totally naked. "Good Morning," I smiled. She turned, exhaled and smile back, "lovely morning." Not a flinch in her birthday suit, not a hint of embarrasment or a move to cover up her mature and amble body. She stood there as natural as one might be on a luxury cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean morning....

"You look great," I continued..."nice cigarette..."

"Thanks...Do you smoke?" she shifted and turned to fully face me.

"Naaaah, gave it up years ago, but I still do enjoy a naked woman standing on a ship's balcony," I smiled and walked over towards her.

"Been awhile since I had a 'morning-delight' how about you? she met me at the partition between the balconys.

"Your place or mine? I smiled.

"Come on over, at least you have shorts on to go out in the corridor."

Aside from the tobacco smell and smoke taste of a few kisses she was one of the most delightful lovers that I can remember, and I really didn't spend all that might time kissing, I concentrated in a more southerly direction...and then so did she....

Gee, one never knows, does one!

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