Never can tell when a surprise will come my way  

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8/12/2006 9:21 am
Never can tell when a surprise will come my way

A friend called me yesterday afternoon, "How about joining Kathy and I for an evening on the Hudson,"
Steve and Kathy are friends to enjoy and envy....a wonderful relationship together, and a 26 foot Grady-White to die for. What better way to spend a lovely evening that watching the sunset on the Hudson River with friends, and it doesn't hurt that age 53 Kathy still fills out a pretty mean red & white bikini.

"Sure, what can I bring?" I answered looking for my bathing trunks...

"A couple of bottles of wine will do!"
Around five I drove down to the marina where Steve and Kathy keep their lovely cabin cruiser and was not disappointed to see Kathy in the bikini making up a few lines aft getting ready to head out in to the river. What a great boat I thought, and the chest line of Kathy's will certainly divert my attention from the sunset. I climbed aboard and out from the cabin below came another bikini...This one green and covering another very attractive body. "I want you to meet, Elaine, we invited her to come along....didn't think you would mind"
"Mind...mind.....of course not...hi Elaine," I said while wondering how that green bikini top was holding her up so well. My mind was in the gutter already.

The evening cruise was just about perfect. A bottle of wine to share, good company and a sunset over the Hudson Highlands to die for, and Elaine was wonderful company; intelligent, educated, pert, pretty and displaying the confidence that a woman of maturity gains from years of experiences in life.

Steve anchored the boat in a little cove on the east side of the river...kind of hidden from the river traffic and we all decided to take a dip. Turns out Elaine was not much of a swimmer and I am not sure she knew we were moored in 75 feet of water when she dove in... She struggled a bit and I swam over to help and we made it back to the swim ladder. As we hung on to the bottom run, our faces just inches apart, it happened. Our eyes met, we smiled softly and our lips met, tips of our tongues followed....

"I wanted to do that since the moment I saw you," I whispered..."Me too," she answered with another kiss...

We climbed on deck and I handed Elaine a towel..."You can dry me off," she smiled and reached back to untie the bra top of that great green bikini... "Do you think the cabin has a lock on the door," she asked?

Steve and Kathy were still in the water and I waived to them as we headed below...."Funny, Elaine, but I don't think they are going to bother us!"

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