Monday continued  

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1/23/2006 2:56 pm

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Monday continued

You were correct, I was just settling down to lunch and almost choked on my leftovers when I read your thoughts. Another grin, and the urgencies of work simply slid away.

So pleased you took a moment to tell me you were
thinking of me.

Perhaps you might allow me to contribute to our imaginary evening...with a last sip of wine our romantic dinner is finished...we carry our leftovers to the kitchen. Together we wash and dry the dishes, playfully decorating each other with soapsuds... While you finish putting things away, I excuse myself and disappear upstairs. Waiting until I hear you settled back in the living room, I come down the stairs, wearing only your white dress shirt, unbuttoned to reveal my
soft, bare skin underneath....

You look up, eyes glowing with approval...

"James," I say, reaching for your hand, "Please make love to me."

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