It's not easy being old!  

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3/6/2006 6:05 pm

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It's not easy being old!

I had just about dozed off when the front door bell rang. 2:33 read the micorwave clock as I peeked through the door to see my upstairs neighbor standing outside, crying.

"Carrie, are you okay?" I asked opening the door...."It is so late, what's going on?"

"Can I come in....please....I need to talk"

She walked into the living room as I put on a pot of coffee and I could not help but notice how fantastic she looked. A bit over 30 with a dynomite figure and great chest, she was wearing a basic black dress that must have been at least 8 inches above her could such a beautiful woman have a problem.

I brought two mugs of coffee and sat down on the couch beside her...."I need a hug," she looked at me with those wet eyes....

I could feel her firm breasts pressing through my T-shirt and the almost immediate repsonse in my loins..."Tell me what's going on Carrie."

She poured out her heart and troubles in her love life....some inconsiderate clod had uncermoniously dumped her and left her at a restaurant downtown with no way home. Of course, I only heard her side of the story, but how could a guy do that to such a beautiful woman...

As I sat there sipping my coffee and listening for the next two hours all I could think about were those great thighs, fantastic breasts and the cutest face, and here I sit being the "father figure."

How I wish I was a younger man...what an incredible lover she would make.

Oh those thighs


3/8/2006 6:58 pm

Wish I was your neighbor. <wink>

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