Do you have time for coffee?  

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1/10/2006 7:18 pm

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Do you have time for coffee?

If your read my blog entry of a few days ago about my awkward moment with an old lover, I thought I would up date my diary and experiences and some one might enjoy the story. It turns out that she might not be as angry at me as I first thought.

I stopped in the supermarket for a few items and appropriately as I walked past the frozen foods isle,Jan came around the bend on the aisle. We both stopped short...I know that I didn't feel like a repeat performance when she enjoyed tearing me a new one.

"Hi Jan," I smiled sheepishly. "How are you," just trying to make conversation and hoping she was not going to chop off my head. She did look nice. Shorts that showed off her nice legs and a tube top blouse showed me the ample cleavage that I had throughly enjoyed last winter.

"How about coffee some time," she asked; my jaw dropping. "Sure," I stammered, "love to!"

"Why don't you stop over later this afternoon around three," she smiled and we parted with me telling her that I would be there and our hands softly touching.

I must write that I was a tad nervous as I raised my hand to press the door bell and the feeling didn't abate very much when I heard the inside chimes peal and her heels clicking against the hard wood floor. She opened the door and it was the second time that day that my jaw dropped from surprise. There was those fantastic breasts where all but totally exposed in a lovely soft silk blouse that was open to her waist. "Come in Jim, the coffee is almost finished brewing."

I walked past her and my eyes were drawn to the micro mini she was wearing, a new addition to her wardrobe that I certainly had not seen before. My Lord, I thought to myself is that short, the hemline must be 6 or 7 inches above her knees. Nice legs....the outfit was topped off with a shiny pair of three inch heels to match the red mini. Oooh really nice touch Jan..I thought...guess she is not THAT angry with me.

"Expecting company," I smiled and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"Smart ass," she smiled her left hand groping my already growing hardness. "Have to see how long it takes you to be ready for action big boy!"

Well, I guess I have the answer to my question from the other day...looks like it might be a fruitful winter visit after all to the Sunshine State.

We walked back towards the kitchen, when she turned into the living room. "Let me show you my new toy," she smiled that totally sensual smirk that I had seen so many times in the past. A leather like harness hung from the center of the doorway between the dining and living rooms. "OOOH kinky," I said already feeling my erection growing.

"It's my new 'Sex Swing' I think you will love it. Still take your coffee black," she asked heading into the kitchen?

A sex swing....hmmmm...I wonder if she can indeed teach and ole dog some new tricks.

Let you know, if anyone is interested how this turned out, or does anyone have any experience with one of this delightful apparatus?

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