"Across a Crowded Room"  

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1/3/2006 8:07 am

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"Across a Crowded Room"

There are thousands in the room, each with there own desires and needs, each with an opportunity, and the song says, "Across a crowded Room...." I can wonder if that is true. Reading and responding to dozens of members, (yes most of the female persuasion)and only a few respond. Do members seek a younger man, verile and youthful, stamina for hours of lovemaking, or would one, just one seek a mature gentleman who has traveled the roads and highways of life and put down some roots and experienced some trauma. Just one who also looks across the room and see what she desires.

Just a few days ago, I ran into one profile of a very intelligent woman and as fate, and my perverse sense of humor, would have it we got off on the wrong tract and what could have been a wonderful relationship came to a crashing end before it ever started.

Now, I have seen another across that crowded room. I woman not far from me who has eyes that show her soul, a personality from her profile that shines through and yes a body that would deserve the attention and worship that it deserves. 1600 characters are allotted to send a message that might strike her fancy, that might get her to respond to me and say, "Hey, got time for coffee?"

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