Queen of Heart and Joker Wild (The cards on the table)  

rm_Genji1000 35M
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6/3/2006 4:45 pm
Queen of Heart and Joker Wild (The cards on the table)

We are worth more than a DUECE...

Had an interesting start the other day... I took Omaha's M&G's "Hot MOMMA OF HEART" on a friendly little date that morning.
"My gunz were hot and smokin' that mornin... " Literally... We went to the local gun range together and blew off some of our frusteration together. In a good way.

It was nice though. We shot 3 different guns. Of course, I didnt want to overwelm her by giving her something too long and heavy to handle. You can think about that one if you want to. I have to admit you looked pretty sexy holding my 30-30 cowboy action rifle as you shot down that poster of a woman wearing some Maguyver glasses, and holding a 12gauge.

I have to be honest and say that if you didnt have that big gun in your hands when I had my arms around you helping you adjust your sites, you'd might have seen a little more action on the gun range.........

Think about it.. Oo~o Yeah!

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