Dumb Male Culture- TERM #4 "the Hoodini"  

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6/8/2006 7:01 am

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Dumb Male Culture- TERM #4 "the Hoodini"

Oh boy here we go......

-This isn't really a classy move, however its probably the classiest move out of the rest that will be on my blog. This kinda scares me, I dont really want people to get the wrong idea. But people will think what they think.

Dumb Male Culture- TERM #3 "the Hoodini"

-If you do this move to your partner you might get a surprised look of shock or find your partner is upset with you.

During this move you are required to be having sex with your partner. It needs to be in the doggie style position. Grab her by her hips and really put it to her (or his hips if it is a him). Then when you feel your gonna cum, you pull out groan as if you're cuming and subtlety spit on your partner's back. They will think you came and will want to turn around to kiss, hold you, or if they are a freak like that maybe give your johnson more pleasure. Right as they do, you blow your wad in their face.

Surprise, the Hoodini.

I am not gonna give a warning for this one. Just know your partner. I actually tried this once with a girl that I knew for a long time, she laughed so hard just because she was so shocked. She thought i came twice in a row. If you try this then you might be asking for trouble.

concretejock 38M

6/8/2006 4:13 pm

Sounds like fun. lol... Just would want to make sure I knew the other person pretty good and make sure they had a pretty good sense of humor. Might make it pretty fun.... or not...

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